Saphatic Small Shivalinga

Saphatic Small Shivalinga

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Studies show Saphatic is the best material to make Shivalingas. Saphatic is the purest form of crystal and therefore can help attract highly positive vibrations and dispel negativity in and around the place where it is kept. Also, doing regular puja to Saphatic Shivalinga is the surest way to attract the blessings of Lord Shiva on the household. Sacred texts say Saphatic is a kind of reservoir that draws the divine energies of the corresponding deities and stores in it to be released gradually to benefit the person owning it. Saphatic Shivalinga can save a person from all evils, accidents and troubles. Once you install it in your household or business, you will find happy days coming to you in the form of success and fulfillment. Saphatic Shivalinga is the best object to be worshipped on Shivratri, Pradosh and other auspicious days.

Saphatic Shivalinga Yantra benefits

·         Saphatic Shivalinga makes the best object of worship. It can help store the divine energy of Shiva and give it to you and family members during times of need.

·         You can conquer your enemies and win in court cases and elections.

·         Brides and grooms seeking their life partner will find a happy marriage coming through leading to a successful wedded life.

·         Keeping the Saphatic Shivalinga at business place will give way to development, growth and more profits.

·         Keeping a Saphatic Shivalinga in the vehicle you travel will help avert accidents and ensure safe journeys.

·         Giving holy bath to Saphatic Shivalinga and consuming the water can cure diseases and enhance health and self-confidence.

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