How To Perform Tulsi Pooja

By Dr. A. Sathya Narayanan  — Oct 22, 2018
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Tulsi is a very powerful herb used in Hindu pujas

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Tulsi is a very powerful herb used in Hindu pujas
Tulsi is a very powerful herb used in Hindu pujas. No puja to Lord Vishnu is deemed complete without offering Tulsi leaves. In every household we find a Tulsi plant watered and taken care with devotion. It is believed that poisonous insects and evil powers do not enter the precincts where Tulsi plant grows. Also, the very breeze of Tulsi plant can remove several diseases and send positive vibrations all around. Tulsi is one of the biggest purifier of the atmospheric air.Tulsi puja is a famous ritual performed in every household. Many saints and sages even advise Tulsi puja daily. Tulsi puja is a very simple but highly beneficial puja. You just need three items to do Tulsi puja including incense, ghee lamp and flowers.

Puja preparations

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Puja preparations
In the morning take bath and clean the Tulsi plant with pot. Apply turmeric and vermilion on its stem and one of the leaves. You can wind a red colour cloth on the stem to decorate the plant. The pot is also decorated and further, the plant is decorated with flowers.

Achaman (purification)

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Achaman (purification)
Fill a copper tumbler with pure water or Ganga Jal if available. Place a copper spoon into it. Place a spoonful of water in your right palm and chant ‘Aum Keshavaya Namah’ while sipping it. Repeat it two more times saying ‘Aum Narayanaya Namah’ and ‘Aum Madhavaya Namaha’.

Offer incense

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Offer incense
Light the incense and ring the bell with your left hand. Wave the incense sticks in a circular motion in front of the whole Tulsi plant seven times. While offering incense, chant the following mantra.

Tulasy amrta janmasi
Sada tvam kesava-priya
Kesavartham cinomi tvam
Varada bhava sobhane

Offer ghee lamp

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Offer ghee lamp
Light the ghee lamp. Ring the bell and wave the ghee lamp in front of the Tulsi plant. In circular motion wave four circles around the base, two circles around the middle part and three circles around the top part and seven circles around the whole plant. While waving the ghee lamp, chant the following mantra.

Yanmule sarvatirhaani
Yannagre sarvadevatta
Yanmadhye sarvavedaascha
Tulsi taam namaamyaham

Offer flowers

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Offer flowers
Mix colorful flowers and offer them one by one at the feet of Tulsi ma while chanting the following mantras.

Sri tulasyai namah
Sri vishnu pathniyai namah
Aaga handharyai namah
loka vandhithayai namah
peethamabara dharinyai namah
Ksheerabthi thanayai namah
loga jananyai namah
sarvaabharana bhooshithaiyai namah
sumukayai namah
Sunasikayai namah
Sri ramayai namah
Sri tulasyai namah

Arati and Pradakshina

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Arati and Pradakshina
Do arati and then go four times around the Tulsi plant. During this process, every devotee attending the puja can pour a little water to the Tulsi plant. Water is offered to the plant only if the puja is performed in the morning. If the puja happens in the evening, this step is skipped. While everyone is doing pradakshina, chant the following mantra.

Thulasi kananam yatra yatra padmavanaani cha
Vasanthi vaishnava yatra thathra sannihitho hari
Pushkaraadhyaani theerthani Gagadhya sarithas thatha
Vaasudeva dayo devaa vasanthi thulasivane
Praseetha thulasi devi praseetha hari vallabe
Ksheerotha mathanoth boothe thulasithvam namamyaham