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Yajman for Jal Seva: 1st February - 8th February 2018

Event Date: 01-Feb-2018

  • Krishna

Benefits of this puja

  • Enjoy overall prosperity
  • Enjoy good health and wealth of your family
  • Ensure longevity of your loved ones

What is included?

  • Photo of Radha-Krishna
  • An energized thread
  • Panchmeva

Important facts about Puja

  • Offering water to people is one of the biggest punya one can do
  • It not only adds to your good karma put also free you from the sins you have committed in this or past life
  • You will be serving water to the people during the event
  • When Brahmins will be eating food, you will be the only one to seek their blessings by serving them water

Frequently asked Questions

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