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Ati Rudra Rudrabhishek for ultimate prosperity and happiness in all janmas

Event Date: 13-Feb-2018

  • Maha Shivratri

Benefits of this puja

  • It attracts wealth and prosperity
  • It eradicate all the enemies and fears of death from one’s life
  • It creates an aura of positivity around the devotee

What is included?

  • Learned pandits will perform this puja on your behalf
  • An online link to you through which you can be a virtual part of this puja
  • Prasad will be couriered to you on the address provided

Important facts about Puja

  • Rudra, the fierce avatar of Lord Shiva, is considered as the embodiment of destruction
  • When one worships Lord Shiva with true dedication, his/her all wishes and desires are fulfilled
  • Lord Shiva can be worshipped in many ways, but the way, which has the power to bring the most effective result, is Abhishek of Shivalingam
  • This lingam Abhishek symbolizes the cleansing of the universe in the idol form. As Lord Shiva is destroyer and creator the universe, he gets immensely pleased by this Abhishek

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