Pearl Mala

Pearl Mala

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Pearl Mala is one of the most common gemstones available in the country. Easily accessible and exceedingly affordable, many people can be seen wearing Pearl Mala. Pearls are of two kinds- fresh water and salt water, though there is not much difference between the two. Pearls are made when some impurity enters the shell of a mollusc and it secretes fluids to protect itself around the impurity. Pearls are mostly calcium carbonate and therefore are recommended to be worn by those people who have a calcium deficiency. Pearls are nowadays being manufactured artificially but healing properties are absent in them. The most expensive Pearl Malas are the ones that have the most brilliant and rounded beads. While a Pearl Mala will benefit all most all people, it is advisable to take expert opinion as all gemstones have latent energy in them. Black, brown, white even grey, one can find different coloured Pearl Malas flooding the market. Pearl Mala should have pearls of minimum four carats to have any effect and for maximum positive results should be worn in a silver thread. By chanting the correct mantras, the energy of the Pearl Mala can be replenished. Keep in mind to never wear Pearl Mala with diamonds, emeralds, Cat’s Eye, Blue Sapphire.


1. Pearl Mala is useful in bringing calm to people who are emotionally unstable. 

2. Pearl Mala brings peace and calm to people with a fiery temperament. Mood swings and lack of emotional control is addressed by wearing Pearl Mala.

3. Pearl Mala acts as a cooling power and balances the energies of the person wearing it.

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