Tripindi Shradh Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja: 24th Sept to 8th Oct 2018

  • Tripindi Shradh Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja: 24th Sept to 8th Oct 2018

Benefits of this puja

  • This puja helps in nullifying Pitra Rin or Pitra Dosha
  • Tripindi Shradh is done to relieve the last three generations
  • It safeguards you from all sorts of Evil Eye and negative energies

What is included?

  • A list of dos and don’ts that needs to be followed
  • Link through which you can watch this puja online

Important facts about Puja

  • Those souls who are not sanctified for 3 consecutive years after death, their soul seems to be intolerant to other members of the family. Tripindi Shradh is done for the liberation of such souls.
  • Apart from this, Tripindi Shradh is done for the last three generations (father, grandfather, great-grandfather) so that the soul of the dead ancestors can get peace.
  • If, for some reason, a person has not been sanctified in the proper manner, then this puja should be performed. Even in the absence of the information of Pitru dosha, this puja is very beneficial.
  • Presence of pitru dosha in one's horoscope is very harmful. If you are inflicted with Pitra dosh, you should get this puja performed.

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