kudrishti shanti puja on Kaalashtmi : 10th December 2017

kudrishti shanti puja on Kaalashtmi : 10th December 2017

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Some of the benefits include:
-           Relief of sufferings and problems related to paranormal world
-           You can get rid of all sort of diseases and health-related troubles
-           It will help you overcome all the negative energies and envious vibrations
-           It brings prosperity to life and help in career and business
-           This puja helps you win court cases and other legal hassles
-           It helps in improving harmony and better family relations

Who should do this puja:
•         This puja is beneficial for the people who want to eradicate evil forces and tona totka

Prasad will include:
-           Energized Hanging Evil Eye Remover Ambulant
-           Energized Kauri Shankh (5 Pieces)
-           Energized evil eye reflecting bracelet

About the puja:
Every day we come across people who are jealous of us and have envious vibrations. Kudrishti Shanti puja is an effective solution to get rid of this evil eye or Buri Nazar. A lot of people get into troubles because of Buri Nazar or evil eye. There are the common symptoms, which show effects of these envious vibrations in our life:
-           Sudden occurrence of health-related problems, especially related to blood and eyesight
-           Occurrence of impotency in men and fertility issues in women
-           Constant fights between married partners and lovers
-           Occurrence of business issues and huge losses
-           Problems like sudden vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach ache and dizziness
-           Strange uneasiness and a feeling that something is going to get wrong
-           Occurrence of stress and unnecessary expenses
-           Food going bad frequently and souring of milk more than usual
-           Unusual and excessive crying in babies followed by stomach pain
-           Unaccounted increase in the expenses and thefts in home and workplace
-           The drying up of the milk of nursing mothers

 These symptoms give you a clear indication that you are affected by Buri Nazar. To overcome the effects of this evil eye, Kudrishti Shanti puja is vital. It is an effective way to overcome malevolence. If this puja is done with true devotion, it ensures happiness, peace, and security in the troubled life of the devotees.

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sold79 people purchased it

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