Kudrishti Shanti Puja on Kalashtmi: 6th June 2018

Event Date: 06-Jun-2018

  • Kudrishti Shanti Puja on Kalashtmi: 6th June 2018

Benefits of this puja

  • Overcome negative energies and envious vibrations
  • Improve harmony in life
  • Get rid of all sorts of diseases and health-related troubles

What is included?

  • Prasad: Energized hanging evil eye remover ambulant, Energized kauri shankh (5 pieces), Energized evil eye reflecting bracelet
  • List of Dos and Don’ts that needs to be followed during and before the puja
  • A link through which you can watch this puja online

Important facts about Puja

  • A lot of people get into troubles because of Buri Nazar or evil eye. Kudrishti Shanti puja is an effective solution to get rid of this evil eye
  • To overcome the effects of this evil eye, Kudrishti Shanti puja is vital. It is an effective way to overcome malevolence
  • If this puja is done with true devotion, it ensures happiness, peace, and security in the troubled life of devotees
  • Learned astrologers perform this puja on your behalf

Frequently asked Questions

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