Group Puja for Good Education & Success in Competitions on Ahoi Ashtami: 12th October 2017

Group Puja for Good Education & Success in Competitions on Ahoi Ashtami: 12th October 2017

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Ahoi Ashtami or Ahoi Athen is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in India. This festival is dedicated to children, especially sons. On this day, mothers observe fast or vrat to ensure health, wealth and prosperity of her children.

Every year, this festival is celebrated in the month of October – November (8th day after the full moon of Kartik Hindu month). This year, it is being observed on 12th October 2017.
On this auspicious day, Astrospeak is organizing a Group puja to ensure good education and success in competitions.

This puja will include:
•    Ahoi Ashtami katha
•    Saraswati puja
•    Homam

Story behind Ahoi Ashtami
As per legends, there was once a woman who lived in a village. She was blessed with seven sons. In the Kartik maas, she went to dig soil in the forest and accidently killed a cub with her axe as it fell into the den. The sleeping cub died instantly.
It so happened that after a while all her seven sons died one after another. Deeply saddened by this, she recited her to story to women in her village. While the women consoled her, an old woman suggested that she pray to Maa Ahoi Bhagwati on Ahoi Ashtami. To repent for her killing of the sleeping cub, she drew a picture of the cub and offered prayers to it as well as Maa Ahoi. She observed this vrat and prayers for seven years and finally was bestowed with her seven sons returning back to life.

Benefits of Group Puja:
When we appease Maa Ahoi, she blesses her devotees with happiness and success in life. Other benefits of Group Puja are:
•    It helps in attaining supreme knowledge and peace
•    It helps in the journey for good education or a new course in school/college
•    It increases memory power
•    It ensures success in examinations
•    It removes obstacle in your way of education and career
•    It accelerates learning in the devotees
•    It helps in gaining higher merit in examination
•    It stimulates person to gain mastery in art

At Astrospeak, we ensure that this puja is performed by learned pandits, adhering to all the rites and rituals. Once you place the order, we send you an email, which contains dos and don’ts to be followed during the puja, puja details and a link through which you can watch this puja online.

On completion of the puja, Prasad will be couriered to you on the address provided. The

Prasad will include:

•    Energised peacock feather (to be placed/stick on your study table or book shelf)
•    Energised pen and pencil (to be used during exams)
•    Panchmeva

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