Group Lakshmi Narayan Puja on Vivah Panchami : 23rd November 2017

Group Lakshmi Narayan Puja on Vivah Panchami : 23rd November 2017

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Benefits of Lakshmi Narayan Puja:
•    It invokes good luck, happiness and prosperity
•    It ensures overall protection for family members
•    It ensures a peaceful family life and professional life
•    It strengthens the bonds between husband and wife
•    It strengthens familial bonds
•    It invokes spiritualism and devotion in life
•    It helps in overcoming financial miseries and debts
•    It eradicates hurdles and obstacles in the path to success
•    It removes misfortunes and bestow good luck
•    It fulfils the deepest desires
•    It helps in restoring family wealth and prosperity
•    It gives a new hope to the unemployed

Prasad will include:
•    Gold plated energized Shree Yantra
(Worshipping the Shree Yantra will bless the devotee with all the fruitful results in life. The benefits of the Shree Yantra worship are the same as visiting important temples or Teerth yatras.)

About the puja:
Lord Narayan aka Vishnu is the protector of our universe and Maa Lakshmi, his consort is always by his side. She is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Together, they offer material wealth, prosperity as well as spiritual well-being to their devotees. It is said, that Lord Narayan is never without his consort, Maa Lakshmi. Therefore, worshipping them on Vivah Panchami, i.e. the wedding day of Lord Ram (9th incarnation of Vishnu) and Maa Sita (Lakshmi), is considered highly auspicious.

Maa Lakshmi is the goddess of good fortune and beauty. She is bestower of both material as well as spiritual wealth. Lord Vishnu is the protector. Therefore, they both act as healers to the troubled devotees and strengthen their minds to work harder to seek their fortunes. Worshipping Maa Lakshmi indicates that one appreciates prosperity and has a keen sense of responsibility towards the same.

` 2478 | $ 42 (Inclusive of all taxes) Closed Event

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