Navagraha Puja at Haridwar on Ganga Dusshera: 24th May 2018

  • Navagraha Puja at Haridwar on Ganga Dusshera: 24th May 2018

Benefits of this puja

  • Purify your soul by appeasing Maa Ganga
  • Absolve sins and overcome all the negativities in life
  • Ensure relief from all sort of chronic ailments and other diseases

What is included?

  • Deepak puja, Aachman, Lakshmi Ganesh Puja and Ganesh Puja, Kalash Puja, Navgrah Puja, Shiva Puja and Chanting of Ganga Stotra
  • A list of dos and don'ts to be followed during and before the puja

Important facts about Puja

  • River Ganga is revered as the holiest river, taking a dip or a bathing in which helps wash away all sins of an individual.
  • As per legends it is believed that on the 10th day of the month of Jyeshtha, in the bright half, Maa Ganga descended on earth from the heavens. Therefore, this day holds a lot of importance and is celebrated as Ganga Dussehra
  • It is said that after severe penance, King Bhagirathi, a Suryavanshi King, was successful in bringing down river Ganga from the heavens.
  • Offering special prayers to Goddess Ganga helps eradicate and absolve all sins of the devotees and blesses them with the strength to be virtuous

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