Birthday Puja

Birthday Puja

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The most important day in a person’s life is his own birthday. Whether one is six years old or sixty years old, his/her birthday remains a day when important changes occur in his life.

Every year, with your birthday, the position of planets and stars in your horoscope changes. With this change, you may expect various favourable and unfavourable changes in your life. To get prepared for these changes, it is necessary that you get a birthday puja performed which ensure that you live a smooth and peaceful coming year.

As your date of birth holds maximum significance in your life and this puja is conducted on your birthday, it will bring amazing benefits to you. By performing a puja on this very important day of your life, you not only receive blessings from God but also get an opportunity to thank him for all the happiness and in your life.

The puja is performed after calculating the right time of our birthday.

What does the Birthday Puja include?
There are various puja procedures and puja samagri, which are used during the puja. These processes, which when performed together, make a complete birthday puja. The processes include:
•    Ganpati Sthapna
•    Navagraha Sthapna
•    Kalash Sthapna
•    Deep Prajjawalit
•    Puja Samagri
•    Shodhashopchar Puja
•    Aarti
•    Dakshina for Brahmins.

Benefits of Birthday Puja

According to our ancient texts, it is advised that everyone should get a Birthday Puja performed. This puja offers umpteen benefits to the observer and protects them all the miseries of life. Other benefits of this puja include:

•    When this puja is performed with true devotion, it brings prosperity in life.
•    This puja removes the obstacles present in one’s life
•    This puja paves the way for growth.
•    The puja also helps one in making a good start to the new year in one’s life.

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