Shanti Pujas

Shanti Pujas

Life is governed by a number of divine and natural forces. Depending upon the Karmic accumulation of every person, the planets and the other natural forces design the horoscope of the individual. The analysis of the horoscope of every person reveals some or many doshas and afflictions. These doshas bring about some disasters, problems, challenges and hurdles in the life of the individual. Hence the personal, social, professional and familial life of the individual suffer a lot resulting in absence of growth; lack of progeny; lack of peace, harmony and happiness; monetary problems, court cases, diseases and many others. This is the background why Shanti pujas are necessary.

Why are Shanti Pujas performed
Shanti pujas seek to address the particular planet, divine energy or natural force that is causing the problems in the individual’s life. The mantras chanted and the rituals performed as part of Shanti pujas can help please the deity or energy and win its blessings for the betterment of the individual’s life. Shastras list down a lot of remedies for the problems found in people’s lives. Shanti pujas closely follow the instructions mentioned in these Shastras and hence these pujas are highly efficient in removing the problems from people’s lives. There are several kinds of Shanti pujas. Each of them is performed for a specific condition in the horoscope of the person and hence can help alleviate a specific set of problems.

How are Shanti Pujas performed

Shanti pujas are performed by teams of learned pundits who have a vast experience in this arena. These pujas are organized in the most authentic way as per the traditional practices and procedures. Right from the sourcing and gathering of materials, strict quality procedures are implemented throughout the puja phase and hence the results of these pujas are amazing. Also, the traditional methods of performing these pujas are meticulously implemented. Shanti pujas are performed on your behalf when ordered. You can personally participate in them or depute someone to participate on your behalf. The pujas can also be viewed online in real time. After the puja, prasad is sent to be delivered at your doorstep.

The Benefits of Shanti Pujas

  • Shanti Pujas address specific deities or natural forces and remedy the issues with the blessings of the deity. Hence these pujas can be highly effective in bringing a positive change in the lives of people.
  • Different kinds of Navagraha Shanti pujas address the concerned planet and help alleviate the doshas or afflictions caused by the said planet.
  • Pitru shanti pujas help overcome the issues in an individual’s life due to Pitru dosh.
  • Shanti pujas performed during unfavourable planetary transitions help alleviate the troubles caused in the person’s life during the transits.
  • To get the maximum benefits from the Pujas, it is essential to rightly identify the Shanti puja required for the individual.
  • Some of the crucial problems addressed by the Shanti Pujas are delayed marriages, absence of progeny and disharmony in married life, chronic diseases, monetary problems, poor mental health and several others.
Benefits of doing puja at Mangalnath Ujjain
  • Removes Mangal dosh and alleviates the sufferings caused by the malefic Mangal Graha in horoscopes
  • Removes the hurdles to marriage and brings harmony and peace in families.
  • Cures the diseases of the blood, muscles and bone marrow since Mars rules these aspects
  • Makes the subjects confident, victorious and successful in all the domains of life