Pujas for Planets

Pujas for Planets

Planets, also called as ‘Grahas’, are nine in number as per the Vedic astrology. These nine planets rule the horoscope of every person and account for the fortunes and misfortunes faced by the individual in life. The favourable positions of different planets give favourable results while the unfavourable positions are noted to give unfavourable results. When you are troubled by the difficulties of life or when you expect certain favours from the planets, you can perform pujas for planets choosing the particular planet you wish to please. Pujas for planets are highly effective in addressing the given planet and receiving the favours of the planet for achieving different purposes in life.

How are pujas for planets organized

Pujas for planets are meant to please the particular planet that you wish to please and receive favours from. There are different pujas under each category of planets and these pujas can expedite the results you want to see in your life through the concerned planet. Depending on your horoscope and the need of the hour in your life, you can choose to perform the puja for planet. When you order for the puja, we arrange to perform the puja in your behalf with the help of learned pundits who have a long experience in performing these pujas. Hence you are assured of the most beneficial results as the pujas are done meticulously in the format prescribed in the Vedic tradition.

The salient features of planet pujas

Planet pujas are performed by accomplishes pundits. Right from the procurement of materials and puja preparation, the procedures laid down in the scriptures are meticulously followed by our teams. These pujas are organized in the most suitable and appropriate muhurat as per the Panchang. If it is convenient to you, you can participate in these pujas organized for you. You can also send your representatives to view the puja. We have facilities for you to view the pujas online in real time. After the puja, the prasad reaches your home.

Benefits of Pujas for planets

  • Pujas for sun are done to attract health, courage, getting free from enemies, success, health and wealth besides escaping chronic disease.
  • Pujas for moon are done to get mental peace, attractive personality, mastery over emotions, fame, wealth and success in life.
  • Pujas for Mars are done to get over Mangal dosh, health, wealth and prosperity. These pujas can also minimise the risk of accidents, theft and imprisonment.
  • Pujas for Mercury give wisdom, growth, success, cure from nervous problems and overcome illnesses.
  • Pujas for Jupiter help in curing the negative emotions and gain strength and courage. These pujas give longevity and health besides education, wealth, fame, children and fortune.
  • Pujas to Venus help in gaining stability in relationships, satisfaction in family relations, long life, wealth, growth in education, good children and all-round happiness.
  • Pujas to Saturn help overcome the problems due to Sade sati period and the afflictions caused by the unfavourable position of Shani in horoscope.
  • Pujas to Rahu give the devotees long life, power, the power of discrimination and social reputation.
  • Pujas to Ketu are known to promote overall health, luck, wealth, and domestic happiness. They prevent property loss and dangers due to poisonous substances.