Pujas by Occasion

Pujas By Special Occasion

From birth to death, human beings undergo different phases in life. Every human being comes across a number of important stages, occasions and celebrations in life. Invoking the blessings of the divine during those special moments can help bag achievements and attain satisfaction. Pujas by special occasion are organized commemorating the different events, stages and achievements in your life. These pujas are highly effective in winning the blessings of different deities, gods and supernatural powers.

Why do pujas by special occasion

A famous mantra addresses Hanuman as ‘Asaadhya Saadhaka Swamin”, meaning ‘the one who makes the impossible possible. God is all powerful. His mercy and blessings can help achieve anything and everything in life. Pujas and mantras are royal doorways to please the divine manifesting in different forms and names. Hence pujas help us achieve the impossible with ease. Pujas done during the special occasions help remove the hurdles to progress and development and give us added strength and energy to move forward successfully. Browse through the portfolio of pujas by special occasion and order for the puja you wish to perform to get amazing results in your life.

When to order for the pujas by special occasion

We have a number of important events and occasions coming up in our lives. When you move into a new home or buy a new property, you can celebrate it. Important happenings like childbirth in the family, weddings and wedding anniversaries, birthdays, entering your professional life, starting the school life of your child, naming ceremony, visiting abroad or starting a new venture in your life are meant to be celebrated in a way getting the best from those important developments. Find an assortment of pujas under each of the special occasions and order for the one you wish to perform on your behalf.

How are pujas by special occasions organized

When you order for the pujas by special occasion, the said pujas are conducted on your behalf by learned pundits who are experienced, knowledgeable and accomplished. Since the procedures prescribed by the authentic tradition are followed meticulously in conducting these pujas, you will see them yield the specified results for sure. When the pujas are conducted on your behalf, you can choose to participate in them personally or depute your friends or family members to represent you. If you cannot participate in these pujas, you can also see them virtually online in real time. After the puja, the puja prasad is sent to your home directly.

Benefits of pujas by special occasion

On the whole, these pujas remove the hurdles to progress and development and invokes the blessings of the specified deity for the benefit of the individual’s life. They make the individuals feel blessed and confident and perform well in life as a result of the puja. They also help clear the doshas and afflictions caused by the planets and supernatural forces in the lives of the individuals when he or she enters a significance phase in life. Hence the results of these pujas are highly positive in supporting and enriching the lives of people.