Puja as per South Indian Padatti

Pujas as Per South Indian Padatti

India is a vast land and a conglomeration of diverse kinds of beliefs, practices, customs and traditions. Hence Indian cultural tradition is a vast topic to understand. The baffling variety of the Indian culture across the nation is a matter of amazement for the entire world. When it comes to the spiritual tradition, there are some striking variations across the nation with the prominent difference marking two prominent ones namely the North Indian and South Indian traditions. It is very common to find regional variations when it comes to the rituals, traditions and practices in Hinduism. The temples of South Indi and North India have their own unique kinds of architecture and pujas marking a striking contrast between the two in many ways.

Pujas as per South Indian Padatti overview

The word Padatti refers to style or fashion. Hence pujas as per South Indian Padatti refer to the pujas conducted as per the authentic South Indian tradition. With its minor variations between the different states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka and Kerala, the South Indian Paddati is something rich and unique. The puja traditions of the South blossom forth from age old heritage handed down through several generations. The South Indian Padatti reflects itself in the way festivals, temple worships, ceremonies and rituals are conducted by the pundits and people. People in India have been subscribing to any one of these Padattis and seek to affiliate themselves to one of these styles. Hence the topics of North Indian Padatti and South Indian Padatti become very important in meeting the needs of different people.

How Pujas as per South Indian Padatti are performed

A team of expert pundits well trained and experienced in the South Indian Padatti conduct these pujas. Right from the procurement of the materials through the conduct of events, the guidelines issued by the South Indian tradition are meticulously followed with these pujas. The pujas performed as per South Indian Padatti range into different kinds namely temple pujas, Homams, Pariharams, Japa and ceremonies. There is a long list of pujas under these heads. Each of the pujas performed under this category are highly effective in remedying a specific set of problems you face. These pujas can help win several unique benefits and blessings in the lives of individuals and families. Depending upon your need and what you expect, the appropriate kind of puja can be ordered to be performed on your behalf as per the most authentic South Indian Padatti.

How to get these pujas performed for you

You can browse through the different kinds of pujas and order for the ones that will meet your expectations. Upon your order, the pujas are performed on your behalf by accomplished pundits in the special temple venues or exclusively dedicated puja locations. You can personally participate in these pujas if it is convenient to you. You may also depute your friends or family members to take part in the pujas on your behalf. The puja prasad is sent to your doorstep after the puja.