Propiating the Diety

Shradh Services

Called as Sanathana Dharma, Hinduism is a way of life. Though the religion strongly sits on the fundamental oneness of the Supreme Godhead, Hindus enjoy the divinity in different forms and names. With sugar as the sweetening agent, we make a lot of sweets in different colors, tastes and flavors. Similarly, depending on the taste and temperament of the individual, one can choose from the myriad deities personified in the religion. The tradition has also evolved a number of special pujas to propitiate every deity. These pujas are fondly sought after by the devotees to please the deity and win their favors for the betterment of life and attain spiritual progress.

The significance of pujas to propitiate deities

Though water is formless, it assumes the form of the vessel in which it is collected and stored. Similarly, the divine in itself is beyond qualities, names and attributes. However, when invoked and worshipped in a given form, the deity assumes some qualities and responds in a particular fashion to the prayers and needs of the devotees. The procedure to worship each of these deities significantly differs from the other. Every deity is propitiate in a particular way through special modes of prayers and worship. Pujas to propitiate the deities are organized in the most famous temples and in exclusively dedicated places where the powers and energies of the said deity is found concentrated. Hence these powerful pujas can help attain several ends of life.

How are pujas organized to propitiate the deities

In Hinduism, the different deities are shown to rule over the different aspects of life. For instance, the trinities Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva take care of the creation, sustenance and destruction respectively. Goddess Lakshmi gives wealth while Ma Saraswati gives wisdom and excellence in arts and career. Hanuman blesses the devotees with courage, confidence and victory. We have a team of accomplished pundits who are proficient in conducting the pujas to different deities as per the prescriptions of the Vedic traditions. When you order for the puja you wish to perform, we arrange to conduct the puja at the designated place or temple of the deity in the most authentic way. You can either choose to participate in the puja or get the prasad delivered at your doorstep.

The benefits of pujas to propitiate deities

  • Every aspect of life is governed by a deity and propitiating the deity helps perfect those areas in life. Pujas performed addressing the exclusive deities can help us achieve the benefits those deities represent.
  • These pujas help clear the obstacles in life and assist the devotee with progress and development in personal life as well as career.
  • The ultimate benefits of these pujas are gaining self-confidence and clarity of thought. You will be able to make the right judgment in any given situation and avoid confusions and chaos in life.
  • Homes are filled with prosperity and happiness and the bonding between the family members increases leaving the home peaceful, harmonious and auspicious.
  • Negative energies are kept at bay and a strong wave of positive vibrations rules the home.