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Detailed Astro Numerology Session with Anupam V Kapil
Detailed Astro Numerology Session with Anupam V Kapil
By Anupam V Kapil
An analysis of your fate and karmic number with event number, karmic kabala number and name transit cycles along with a brief astro advise which includes short term remedial measures which include advise like favourable gems, lucky colours, mantras
Price ` 12978
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Detailed Life Predictions by S Ganesh
Detailed Life Predictions by S Ganesh
By S Ganesh
This report will interpret your natal chart in the light of Vedic Astrology. The report will provide you insights into all the facets of your life, including, health, finance, family, career, romance and marriage. Having analyzed your chart
Price ` 10856
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Career Forecast for A Year by Ajay Bhambi
Career Forecast for A Year by Ajay Bhambi
By Ajay Bhambi
A good life must include a successful and secure career. However, this does not happen easily to all. While we may choose the right career path, there can be delays, circumstances that create problems. On the other hand, we might be in the wrong
Price ` 2952
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Personality Profile Report (Premium)
Personality Profile Report (Premium)
By Indrajit Chatterjee
Get a comprehensive report consisting of analysis and remedies/action points of your name?s destiny, inbuilt nature and talents, hidden desires, outer personality, retirement plans, your unique nature and abilities, opportunities, temperament and
Price ` 3540
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Puja at Mangalnath Ujjain

Located on the banks of the holy river Kshipra, Ujjain is one of the most famous pilgrim spots in Hinduism. The other names of this city are Ujjaini, Avantika, Amravati, Pratikalpa and Kummudduity. Ujjain has been one of the most famous seats of learning cherishing a long historical past. During the Dwapar Yug, the hermitage of Sage Sandhipini was located in this place and it is here that Lord Krishna studied under this able Guru along with his elder brother Balram. The Triveni Ghat is at the confluence of three rivers namely Shipra, Khan and Saraswati.

Unique Specialty of Mangalnath Ujjain
  • Matsya Purana says the city of Ujjain was the birthplace of Mangal Dev also called as the son of earth and hence called by the name Bhauma (born of Bhumi or Mother Earth).
  • Mangalnath temple is the only temple on the earth fully dedicated to Mangal Graha or Mars planet. The most auspicious day to worship this temple is Tuesdays.
  • Devotees throng at this temple to escape from the malefic effects of Mangal in their horoscope
  • Lord Mangalnath is the central deity of this temple and depicted carrying a trident, spear, lotus and mace.
Benefits of doing puja at Mangalnath Ujjain
  • Removes Mangal dosh and alleviates the sufferings caused by the malefic Mangal Graha in horoscopes
  • Removes the hurdles to marriage and brings harmony and peace in families.
  • Cures the diseases of the blood, muscles and bone marrow since Mars rules these aspects
  • Makes the subjects confident, victorious and successful in all the domains of life
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