Festive Pujas

Festive Pujas

No other culture or tradition on this earth has as many festivals and events as we find in Hinduism. Throughout the year we have got a large number of festivals, each one of a different kind, flavour and significance. Through these festivals and events, Sanathana Dharma enables people enjoy divinity in different names, forms and ways. Every festival is associated with a mythological story. Hence there is a deep spiritual symbolism connected to festivals. There is a particular way of worshipping the deity connected to the festival with the set of rituals and practices prescribed for the event. Therefore festival pujas are very popular in Hinduism.

Why order for festive pujas

Festive pujas are organized in the lines of tradition. We have a team of accomplished scholars and Pundits who are well versed with the complete set of procedures, practices and rituals forming part of the festival pujas. Our portfolio of festive pujas covers every known festival we popularly celebrate in Hinduism. Depending on the kind of benefit you wish to receive or goals you want to achieve, you can order for the festive puja and we arrange to perform the festive puja of your choice in the most authentically traditional way.

How festive pujas are performed

The Hindu tradition prescribes some special pujas corresponding to different festivals. You can browse through the different festive pujas in our list and order for the puja that you might require. Learned and experienced pundits organize and perform these pujas on your behalf. You can choose to participate in these pujas on the days when these pujas are organized. You may also depute your friends or family members to participate in the pujas on your behalf. If you are unable to participate in the pujas done in your favour, we will arrange to send the puja prasad to you to be delivered at your doorstep.

The benefits of doing pujas during festivals

  • The Vedic tradition prescribes some special pujas corresponding to every festival. These pujas aim at relieving you from some crucial problems, debts, planetary afflictions, troubles by enemies and fears of all kinds.
  • Festive pujas have been proved to give immense benefits since they are performed when the deity presiding the puja manifests with the full powers especially to bless the devotees during the said festival.
  • When you perform the festive pujas with the help of learned pundits, you get to do the puja as per the authentic tradition and hence the benefits you get are the maximum.
  • Festive pujas help overcome the negative tendencies and fills you with positive energies to succeed in life.
  • Enhances the bonds between the family members and creates harmony in homes.
  • Fills the homes with prosperity and happiness and help get divine protection for the home to protect the home from all kinds of troubles, evil powers and evil eyes
  • Helps clear different doshas and the troubles faced due to unfavourable planetary positions in the horoscopes.
  • Helps excel in personal and professional life with the blessings of the deity presiding the said festive puja.