Consolidated Puja Packs

Consolidated Puja Packs

Pujas are like invitation cards for receiving divine grace. Pujas can achieve what human efforts cannot achieve. Pujas help dispel difficulties in life, enhance self-confidence, win the divine assistance for the mission of life, nullify the drawbacks of planetary positions in horoscopes and bring health, wealth and prosperity to the homes of devotees. Since long in history, Hindus have been making use of pujas as the most powerful tool to please their favourite deities and secure several ends of their lives.

Why perform pujas at temples and special locations

Pujas can be performed anywhere and everywhere. However, when performed in places where the divine energy is focused, they give multi-fold benefits. This is a strong reason why people have been taking active interest in performing pujas at temples, pilgrim spots and other sacred places. Different holy places are associated with different deities, different traditions and different ritualistic procedures. Hence they do give different kinds of benefits to the devotees. When you wish to achieve a particular end in your life, you can order for a particular kind of puja at a specific location to get the blessings of the divine.

Why perform pujas with the help of pundits

Pundits are learned scholars with an accomplished knowledge in the Vedas, Shastras and Mantras. They are always in the job of performing pujas, rituals and different religious ceremonies and hence they have mastered the traditional customs and practices. In Hinduism, pundits have been helping people perform pujas as per the methods prescribed in the Shastras and they have a mastery over mantras that can quicken the results of pujas and rituals. The Shastras say when you give gifts to the pundits who chant the Vedas, you get immense merits and benefits. Hence while getting the pujas performed with the help of pundits, you get to add more value to the pujas. Pundits can represent your case to the divine and help get the divine blessings through them.

How do consolidated puja packs work

Consolidated puja packs are ordered for a specific period of time. Pujas performed continuously over a given period can give maximum and quick benefits to the devotees. Hence when you order for your chosen consolidated puja package, the puja will be continuously performed for a month, three months, six months, nine months or an year as detailed in the package you order. You can also choose to participate in the puja when it is convenient to you or depute your family members of friends on your behalf to take part in the puja. You may also get to see the puja performed on your order online in real time.

The benefits of ordering for consolidated pujas

  • Pujas performed over a defined period is said to be highly effective in bringing you the desired results.
  • As the puja continues, you see the problems disappear gradually from your life.
  • Periodical pujas bring you several untold benefits in the form of promotions, lucky wins, escape from the troubles and getting court cases decided in your favour.
  • Pujas performed over a period help in consolidating the results you expect from the puja by enhancing the self-confidence of all the family members and removing all fears and confusions from your mind.