Uttarashadha Nakshatra

Uttarashadha 26-40' Sagittarius to 10-00' Capricorn
General Characteristics: A quest for the spiritual unknown, total involvement in any task and penetrate deeply into some aspect of knowledge. Obedient, learned in the rules of virtue, grateful, many friends, return favors, liked
Later victory
Elephant's tusk, the planks of a bed - a bed
Animal symbol
Male Mongoose
Ruling planet:
Manushya (human)
Presiding deity:
Vishvadevas the sons of the God dharma

Uttarashadha nakshatra positive traits

Virtuous, intelligent, fun-loving, leadership qualities - good politicians, well-liked, devoted to friends - can relate to others, grateful, idealistic with high goals, kind, modest, has some knowledge that sets them apart, interested in learning and advocating topics that concern them, enjoys reading to gain knowledge, benefits through travels, tolerant, wants fair play and justice, sympathetic ear, devoted to companions, good manners, leadership skills, appreciative of others

Uttarashadha nakshatra negative traits

Multiple marriages or marriage like relationships, overly anxious, takes on too many people's problems and gets stressed out, obstinate, self centered, self indulgent, too long in a destructive relationship, changes residence many times, early adversity in life, constantly active, apathetic, fails to complete what they start

Uttarashadha nakshatra career interests

Pioneer, researchers, scientists, military work, hunters, boxers or fighters for a cause, government jobs, social work, hunting professions, wrestler, horse owners, doctors

Uttarashadha nakshatra male characteristics

Uttarashadha males are refined and gentle in their approach. These pure hearted individuals wear an innocent and simple look. Even while occupying exalted positions, they never like to show off. These god fearing persons respect everyone especially women folk. They demonstrate sincerity in all their doings. They expect others to look after them and praise them. They take decisions only after a thorough analysis and also consulting others. Mostly these are lazy people.

Uttarashadha nakshatra female characteristics

These are dare-devil females who enter into conflicts easily. They often talk carelessly but like to lead a simple life. Due to some problem or the other, they hardly enjoy their family life. They love religious matters and engage in rituals. They take professions as teachers and bank employees and most of them are well educated.

Uttarashadha nakshatra 2018 predictions

Those looking for new jobs will find it tough to land on a good job due to their inflexible nature. Government sector will be inviting and promising. Your relationship with bosses and colleagues will suffer this year. Your talents will be rewarded by the government. This is a favorable period for those in education, research and science fields. Those working abroad might need to come back home due to unfavorable conditions. In family you might face tensions related to handling finance. You might get some wealth from your mother’s side. This is the best year to invest in property. Fast on Tuesdays. Worship Lord Ganesh and Read Bhagavad Puran.
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