Sharavan Nakshatra

Sharavan 10-00' to 23-20' Capricorn
General Characteristics: Prosperous, learned, liberal-minded spouse, riches, wide-fame
To hear
An ear, three footprints in an uneven row, a trident
Animal symbol
Female monkey
Ruling planet:
Deva (god like)
Presiding deity:
Vishnu preserver of the universe

Sharavan nakshatra positive traits

Cordial in business, intelligent, success in foreign lands, lives a prosperous, balanced and modest life, ethical, studies scriptures and ancient knowledge, kind, drawn to working for social and humanitarian causes - good writers and teachers, helps others transform their lives, has a good marriage and a helpful partner, good speech, fame in the world, wealth, creative, quick learner, kind, charitable, knowledge to transcend the material world

Sharavan nakshatra negative traits

Giving nature can lead to debts and poverty, overly open-minded, unyielding nature, extreme views concerning ethics develop opposition or even adversaries, hypersensitive, enemies due to issues with jealousy, gossips

Sharavan nakshatra career interests

Teachers, speech therapists, linguists, astrologers, religious scholars, politicians, business skill, geologist, researchers, travel, preservers of sacred traditions, university, classical studies, gossip columnist, news broadcasters, recording industry, story tellers

Sharavan nakshatra male characteristics

The male natives of Shravan nakshatra have a sweet speech and do any work neatly. They dislike people who are not organized and clean. They always like to help others being moved by pity. These are firm believers in truth and always exhibit respect for teachers and devotion to God. Most times, they are cheated by people who they helped. They are peaceful in dealing with even the most horrible crimes and forgive people if they are convinced of the reasons moving them to such an action. People eagerly seek their help to solve problems.

Sharavan nakshatra female characteristics

These women are highly fond of religion and pilgrimage. They do a lot of charity works. Though very cunning inside, they are noted for their sympathy and generosity. They are also very much inclined towards showing off. They can easily adapt to any situations but can never adjust with their husbands. They talk a lot without any control. Seeking perfection in everything, they always enter into conflicts with their partner.

Sharavan nakshatra 2018 predictions

The natives of Shravan nakshatra can expect good results in 2018. If you happen to lose your job, think that you are lucky since you can land on a better job. Those who have taken a break from their career will resume it once again. Those in the fields of education, medicine and banking will find a great year. Those in armed forces, transportation and research will find a bad year. Some might face transfers to undesired places. Business people have prospects of partnerships and expansions. This is a favorable year to buy properties and vehicles. In the relationship front you will face disappointments only for good. Quit the bad ones and move with good ones. Worship your Ishta devata daily and maintain calmness and balance.
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