Satbhij Nakshatra

Satbhij 6-40' to 20-00' Aquarius
General Characteristics: harsh in their speech but truthful, suffer grief but conquer enemies, thoughtlessly engage in works, independent ways
The hundred healers
An ox cart, a circle or round charm
Animal symbol
Female horse
Ruling planet:
Rakshasa (demon).
Presiding deity:
Varuna - the God of rain and cosmic waters

Satbhij nakshatra positive traits

Truthful, sharp minds, perceptive, emotionally controlled, interested in getting to the bottom of things, prosperous, economical, clever, able to defend themselves, enterprising, interested in astrology and other mysterious subjects, likes to solve puzzles, provides good service, finds happiness within themselves, strong principles, charitable, writing skills, good memory, daring, bold, artistic nature, defeats enemies

Satbhij nakshatra negative traits

Lonesomeness, melancholic, lacks self confidence, restricted, life is duty, quiet yet will blurt things out in an unrefined manner, con artist, unstable, argumentative, uncommunicative, hides their true intentions, miser, dependent on others to meet their needs, problems in relationships, feels intensely restrained or mentally anguished, problematic relationships with children and siblings, secretive - keep weaknesses to themselves, lack self confidence, stubborn

Satbhij nakshatra career interests

Astrologers, astronomers, physicians, healers, writers, research work, clerical work, secretaries, engineers, electricians, organizational development, Aircraft industry, rocket scientist, planetariums. Advanced medical treatment of difficult to cure illness - chemotherapist, electricians, nuclear scientist

Satbhij nakshatra male characteristics

The male natives of Satbhij star are known for their strong adherence to truth. They will even sacrifice their lives at the altar of truth. They always insist on following religion and traditions to the core. They are adamant and are never willing to change their decisions. They are soft hearted. When provoked, they flare up uncontrollably, but subside very soon. They are very shy in exhibiting their talents. They can give scholarly speeches.

Satbhij nakshatra female characteristics

These females are generally calm and at times hot-tempered. They are highly religious and god fearing. Due to their hot-temper they enter into frequent quarrels with people around thereby risking the happiness of their lives. Their memory is amazing and they are highly generous. Though they do a lot of good work, they are often misunderstood both in family and in the society.

Satbhij nakshatra 2018 predictions

2018 will be a satisfying and successful year for the Satbhij natives. Some troubles you will experience include tough work deadlines and a monotonous work routine that will tire you. You might even be forced to quit your job due to some reasons. Some persons working abroad might decide to return to homeland to continue their career. Businesses might face problems due to employees. There will not be much development. Your new home buying venture might get delayed due to some reasons. The additional income source might stop abruptly. Troubles in married life will be settled amicably. Love life will be great. Pray Ganesh and read Yoga Vasishta.
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