Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini 10-00' to 23-20' Taurus.
General Characteristics: Emphasis on spiritual liberation, truthful, not covetous, clean in habits, sweet of speech, firm of views and good looking.
The red one.
An ox cart/chariot.
Animal symbol
A male serpent - spiritual power and wisdom.
Ruling planet:
Manushya (human).
Presiding deity:
Brahma - creator of the universe.

Rohini nakshatra positive traits

Lovely appearance, charismatic, good communicator and listener, attractive, inner strength, affects others, strong public life, gentle manner, comforting, truthful, moral orientation, smooth talker, sharp, balanced mind, fixed in purpose, well educated, does well financially, dutiful to the family, responsible, helps others, gifted in the arts, healthy, non-envious.

Rohini nakshatra negative traits

Indulgent, materialistic, takes advantage of others through manipulation and deception, sexually or sensually indulgent, critical of others, possessive of individuals or ideology, jealous, overly sensitive, changeable, addictive and indecisive.

Rohini nakshatra career interests

Politics, authority positions, agriculture, real estate, restaurant and hotel business, fashion designers, models and musicians.

Rohini nakshatra male characteristics

Most natives of Rohini nakshatra are very stubborn and do not like to change their decision at any cost. They can never take any advice or ideas from others. They are good in finding faults with others. They never have fixed aims in life. For their loved ones, they can sacrifice anything and everything. They are impressed by their own work and can never leave their enemies peacefully. They are never pre-planned and their life is full of ups and downs.

Rohini nakshatra female characteristics

These women are well dressed and well behaved. Though they exhibit pomp and show, they are weak at their heart. Due to their short-tempered nature, they invite troubles. When instigated, they can turn violent. These women generally enjoy a good married life. To ensure harmony, they must give up their stubbornness. If they doubt their husband, their marriage might end up as a failure.

Rohini nakshatra 2018 predictions

2018 will be a tough year for the Rohini natives. Property deals will be in your favor. Your sincerity and hard work will be rewarded with promotions and salary hikes. Those looking for a new job will land on one. If you look for a career change, make the best use of this year. Businesses will prosper this year. This is a favorable year for the self-employed and students. Your income is likely to increase. This is the best time to buy new properties. You might even receive some expensive gifts. There might be property related fights at home. Romance and love life will be troublesome. The attitudes and decisions of your family members will irritate you. Friends will be of much help. Marriages will be delayed. Worship your family deity and Ishta Devata. Give food donation.
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