Revati Nakshatra

Revati 16-40' to 30-00' Pisces
General Characteristics: Perfect limbs, genial manners, deep learning, riches, no desire to covet the property of others
The wealthy
A drum
Animal symbol
Female elephant
Ruling planet:
Deva (god like)
Presiding deity:
Pushan - the nurturer protector of flocks and herds is invoked for safe travel

Revati nakshatra positive traits

Creative thinker, independent, lucky, liked, supportive and gets supported, gifted in the arts, nurturer, promoted quickly, brave, skilled in pleasing, sociable, good counselor, proud, stately presence, sparkling personality, loves/protects animals and pets, longevity, well groomed, good hygiene, might be born into a wealthy family, interested in ancient cultures, selflessness, compassionate, caring

Revati nakshatra negative traits

Spiteful especially when hurt or jealous, overindulgent, takes on too many problems from other people which may affect their health, amoral attitudes, doubt ridden, low fertility, gives too much and resentful when not returned, feels inadequate, lack of self-esteem, overly sensitive, stubborn, volatile, codependent, easily disillusioned, lack self confidence, victims, feel unloved, insecure

Revati nakshatra career interests

Film actors, comedians, politicians, humanitarian projects, charitable work, urban planners, government positions, psychics, mystical or religious work, journalists, editors, publishers, travel agents, flight attendants, clock/watch/calendar maker, road worker, planner, maintenance crew, travelers

Revati nakshatra male characteristics

Clean hearted, soft spoken and a sincere individual; the Revati male native has the knack of understanding the situations very well. He loves independence and gets hurt when resisted. He can’t keep secrets for so long. He never believes even the closest relatives. He always goes by his inner voice to take the decisions in life. This hot tempered individual is god fearing and superstitious most times. Being stubborn and highly ambitious, he can never take failures easily.

Revati nakshatra female characteristics

She is extremely beautiful and therefore stands out even in a crowd of people due to her attractive personality. She loves authority and always likes to rule over others. Like a Revati male, she is also god fearing and rigid with regard to sticking to the tradition. She does well in communication and social interaction fields so well. Some feet deformities might be there. She wants harmony in family.

Revati nakshatra 2018 predictions

You will have a great year in 2018. You might have some disturbances with regard to relationship issues. Those searching for job will find a good one especially in distant locations. Do not take risks with jobs by changing them. Students will have difficulties in getting admissions. This is a favorable year for businesses to expand. Unnecessary expenses will erode the savings. Love life will face a tough going with uncertainty throughout. Some might expect marriage or childbirth. Lack of sleep and heart related diseases are expected. Avoid fights and pray to Lord Ganesh daily.
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