Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya 3-20' to 16-40' Cancer
General Characteristics: In control of passions, well liked, learned in various subjects, rich and fond of doing charitable acts.
To provide nourishment.
The udder of a cow, flower, a circle, an arrow.
Animal symbol
A ram.
Ruling planet:
Deva (god-like).
Presiding deity:
Brihaspati, the planet Jupiter, lord of sacred speech and prayer.

Pushya nakshatra positive traits

Hard working, creative, tolerant of pain, intelligent, learned, liked by many, spiritual, intuitive wisdom, helps others, make good advisors and public servants, independent, interested in education and humanitarian causes, philanthropic, socially adept, make people feel wanted, selfless, good finances, respected, moderate, have spiritual practice, passionate and defensive about the things they believe in.

Pushya nakshatra negative traits

Stubborn, selfish, arrogant, overly talkative, dogmatic, fundamentalist, overly sensitive, doubtful of their worth due to what others say about them, devotion can turn to victimization, get defrauded by believing in the wrong people, insecurities inhibit growth.

Pushya nakshatra career interests

Government, politics, geologist, aquatic biologist, military police, musicians, artists, rulers, ministers, managing directors, food merchants, clergy, priests.

Pushya nakshatra male characteristics

Very weak at heart, the male natives of Pushya nakshatra find it very difficult to take any concrete decisions. They behave well only for selfish reasons making them often hypocritical against their own consciousness. They are happy when praised and deflated while criticized. They seek freedom in life pushing themselves towards bad company. They like good dress. They do not reflect on their abilities while accepting a work and therefore suffer too many failures.

Pushya nakshatra female characteristics

Most females of this nakshatra never enjoy a peaceful life. They are submissive to elders and most times face oppression in life. They approach life systematically in a graceful manner. They occupy trustworthy positions in life. They might earn from agriculture or real estate business. Though these are virtuous, their husbands often evince doubts on them. These are shy individuals unable to express their feelings.

Pushya nakshatra 2018 predictions

2018 will be a tough year for the natives of Pushya. There are a lot of headaches waiting for you in the career front. Unexpected problems will bring you tough times at workplace. Your ideas might get rejected. Do not take risks in career matters. Transfers to distant locations will bring some inconvenience. Those in entertainment, television and film industry will face heavy disappointments. Shopkeepers, freelancers and self-employed will have good luck. Those in the field of medicine and armed forces need to be careful. You will face disputes related to property. You will get a lot of wealth but with no escape from fear of future. Romantic matters will face a setback. You might see a new member in the family. Worship Lord Shiva on Mondays.
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