Punarvasu Nakshatra

Punarvasu 20-00' Gemini to 3-20' Cancer
General Characteristics: Intellectual and spiritual wisdom, material prosperity, good natured, quiet, patient, devout, lives in comfort.
Good again.
Bow and a quiver of arrows.
Animal symbol
Female cat - sensitivity and need for independence.
Ruling planet:
Deva (god-like).
Presiding deity:
Aditi tends the ground on which healthy seeds can bear fruit, earth Goddess.

Punarvasu nakshatra positive traits

Caring, loving, nurturing, easily contented, friendly good natured, simplistic life, lives in the moment, generous, shares with others, religious inclinations, interested in spiritual writings and philosophies, potential in the communications field - can be good writers and inspiring speakers, profound imagination, purifies self to make spiritual progress, ability to connect with others, successful projects.

Punarvasu nakshatra negative traits

Simplistic approach to life interpreted as a lack of intelligence, lack of material drive due to focus on spirituality, lack of foresight gets them into complications including frequent moving, unstable relationships, and multiple jobs/careers, fickle nature, indecisive, frequently ill, critical, over intellectualize life, gets bored too easily in life.

Punarvasu nakshatra career interests

Acting, drama, entertainment, politics, writers, publishers, spiritual teachers, mystics, philosophers, innovators, psychologists, gurus, artisans and trade people involved in the construction and maintenance of dwellings, architects, civil engineers, scientists.

Punarvasu nakshatra male characteristics

The Punarvasu male natives are highly religious and god fearing individuals. Though they are well behaved in their early years, they adapt to the changing situations alter in life. Therefore people need to be careful while dealing with them. They are simple people never willing to resort to immoral ways or troubling others. Partnership ventures never suit them. Though not wealthy, they are influential in the society.

Punarvasu nakshatra female characteristics

Though these are calm women, they argue a lot. This will put them in clash with their neighbors and relatives. They are fond of fine arts and most of them can make a livelihood out of their talents. They are careless about their health and so they suffer a bad health most times. They are wedded to handsome men.

Punarvasu nakshatra 2018 predictions

The natives of Punarvasu nakshatra can expect a great year in 2018. Your lack of self-confidence might pose some challenges with regard to work. Leave your fears and gain confidence to move forward successfully. Avoid job changes. Those working in the fields of insurance, armed forces and healthcare will have a good time. You might not find the relationships with colleagues and seniors at workplace favorable. An unwanted relationship at the workplace might cause troubles. Your rightful promotion might get denied. Do not resort to gambling or lotteries as this year you might not be lucky in these matters. Do not buy new vehicles as they might cause you accidents and losses. Marriages will happen only under tough situations. Travels will bring new experiences. Pray Lord Vishnu. Wear yellow clothes on Thursday. Feed animals and poor people.
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