Poorva Bhadrpada Nakshatra

Poorva Bhadrpada 20-00 Aquarius to 3-20' Pisces
General Characteristics: Scholar, intelligent, skilled at making money, helpful, devotional
Beautiful west, Former beautiful foot or Ray of Light
A sword, two font legs of a bed or a funeral cot or a two faced man
Animal symbol
Male lion
Ruling planet:
Manushya (human)
Presiding deity:
Aja Ekapada - Unicorn

Poorva Bhadrpada nakshatra positive traits

Unique, eccentric, devoted to those who impress them, scholarly, witty, good logical skill, prosperity through cleverness, mystical beings, good at reading people, gets money from the government or from wealthy or executive people, economical, acts happy, lives a long life, could marry into a wealthy family or be born into one, spiritual depth, a warrior, intuition, passionate, good speakers, skilled at earning an income, visionary idealistic, universal goals, march to their own beat, fights injustice, campaigner, good writers, imaginative, self reliant, strong

Poorva Bhadrpada nakshatra negative traits

Cynical, a worrier, a bit odd, gloomy, angry, impulsive, has many serious conversations, changes residence many times, poor planner, dominated by their spouse, penny pincher but still a poor financial planner, anxious, poor health, over serious, high-strung, cynical, not generous, wavering mind

Poorva Bhadrpada nakshatra career interests

Astrologers, priests, ascetics, research skills, statisticians, occultists, black magicians, administrative planners, business skills, mortician, radical, fanatic, terrorist

Poorva Bhadrpada nakshatra male characteristics

Poorva Bhadrpada nakshatra female characteristics

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