Moola Nakshatra

Moola 0-00 to 13-20' Sagittarius
General Characteristics: Possess a deep philosophical nature and an inquisitive mind that enjoys exploring the roots of any subject. Haughty, rich, happy, not inclined to injure others, Firm and fixed opinions, live in luxury
The root
Tied bunch of roots or a lions tail
Animal symbol
Male dog
Ruling planet:
Rakshasa (demon).
Presiding deity:
Nirriti - goddess of destruction who lives in the kingdom of the dead - goddess of dissolution.

Moola nakshatra positive traits

Proud, good-looking, skillful in persuading or manipulating people to serve their needs, politician, careful, clever, able to live a comfortable life, good fortune, determined to succeed, learned, public speaking skills, spiritual advisor, generous, successful, determined, fortune in foreign lands, likes to live well, peace loving, adventurous, brave, explorer, face adversity with composure

Moola nakshatra negative traits

Insecure, others do not trust them, too goal-focused, does not genuinely care about others, arrogant, self-destructive, headstrong, sabotages their own achievements, has many affairs and/or marriages that don't work out, low tolerance for boredom, create own insecurities, indecisive, fickle in relationships, arrogance, selfishness, lust and anger, low boredom threshold, takes and give little back, accommodating to other people to get what they want

Moola nakshatra career interests

Public Speakers, writers, philosophers, spiritual teachers, lawyers, politicians, doctors, pharmacists, business and sales, healers, florist, ministers, officers, investigators, researcher, contrarians, orators, politicians

Moola nakshatra male characteristics

The male natives of Moola nakshatra are peace loving and have sweet speech. They always go by the principles that guide them. They can withstand any adversities in life and reach their goals with persistent efforts. They are very good in advising others, but do not apply those advises in their personal life. They are good in several fields making them shift their career very often. They firmly believe in God and feel everything on the earth happens due to God’s blessings. Most of them shine only in places away from their native places.

Moola nakshatra female characteristics

These are pure hearted women with an obstinate attitude. Hey are adamant even on small maters. Most of these women do not have a satisfactory married life. Death of husband or divorce might cause them separation. Most of them face a lot of problems from their husbands and children.

Moola nakshatra 2018 predictions

2018 will be a tough year for the natives of Moola nakshatra. Since fear is most likely to cause you problems in your career front, it is necessary to take bold decisions. This is the right time to think of a career change or turning into a self-employed or freelancer. You can expand your talent into a career. Avoid fights with management. This will be a favorable year for students and businesses. Property and vehicle deals will fetch you money. This is the time to invest in property. Legal issues that are pending for long will be settled in your favor. You are most likely to get ancestral wealth. There might be lack of peace in family. Beware of bad company for the risk of losing your reputation. There is a risk of accidents. Pray to Lord Krishna.
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