Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika 26-40' Aries to 10-00' Taurus
General Characteristics: Determined and tenacious will to achieve greatness, sharp, cutting and penetrating by nature.
The cutter.
Axe, sharp edge, or flame, razor.
Animal symbol
Female sheep.
Ruling planet:
Rakshasa (demon).
Presiding deity:
Agni - the god of fire.

Krittika nakshatra positive traits

Famous within their group, handsome appearance, self motivated, determined achiever, materialistic - acquires many possessions, bright, strong appetites - likes food, goal oriented, goes for what they want, dignified, takes pride in what they do, good leader, honors commitments, confident, courageous, straightforward, peaceful nature and ambitious.

Krittika nakshatra negative traits

Unstable mind, changeable, vacillating, stubborn, dissatisfied, impatient, responds too strongly to challenges, sets goals or expectations too high, burns out their health by constant activity, nervous, excitable, aggressive, passive-aggressive, fighting nature, difficulties with food and eating, gluttonous, motivated by desire, child-like nature.

Krittika nakshatra career interests

Spiritual teachers, advisors, musicians, dancers, singers, modeling, fashion designers, military careers, inventors, discoverers, excavators, heads of state or organizations, fire & police department personnel, barbers, butchers & tailors, weapon makers, potters, blacksmiths, carpenters, building contractor, magicians, metaphysicians and astronomers.

Krittika nakshatra male characteristics

The male natives of Krittika nakshatra cannot pursue a single goal for a long time as they get bored with monotonous works. So they switch on to others without enough forethought. They are good in advising and do what they like in their personal lives. Freedom is very important for them and they are ready to forego any relationship that thwarts their ego. Self-pride is one of their strong behaviors. They like to involve in social work, but rarely shine in this field as they do not take the right decisions.

Krittika nakshatra female characteristics

Though these women are not completely devoid of love, they never like to yield to pressures. Therefore they suffer trauma when bossed over. Fond of quarrels, they express arrogance in every possible way. They are not known to enjoy the family life due to an uncooperative husband or separation. They cannot maintain a cordial relationship with their neighbors and relatives. Most of them live a secluded life.

Krittika nakshatra 2018 predictions

2018 will be a tough year for the natives of Krittika nakshatra. Most of your time and efforts will be spent on property related deals and issues. There might be a sudden reversal in the career front. Leave your fears and focus on your strengths. Those looking for new jobs will find this an uncertain period. Job changes will happen favorably. This is the right time to start a new business or enter into a self-employment plan. A colleague, people in position or a friend will be of great help to you in career related matters. You might settle an ancestral property and invest in a new property. Your spouse might extend a financial help. Love and romance will have a great time. Offer prayers to Shiva and chant ‘Om Nama Shivaya’.
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