Jyeshta Nakshatra

Jyeshta 16-40' to 30-00' Scorpio
General Characteristics: Mental brilliance and analytical ability, few friends, cheerful and virtuous
Elder sister, the middle finger or the holy river Ganges, The Eldest (last of the best)
earring or circular protective talisman that may represent Vishnu's disc
Animal symbol
Male deer or hare
Ruling planet:
Rakshasa (demon).
Presiding deity:
Indra - King of the Gods

Jyeshta nakshatra positive traits

Most successful of their family, keeps friends and builds a good support network, generous, self-reliant, eventually wealthy, takes charge of the family, passionate response to love, reputable, receives fame and honors, takes control, gets things done when they want to, virtuous, satisfied, talented at music, capacity for inventive design, creative genius, interested in the occult, can accomplish anything they set their minds to, want to make a difference

Jyeshta nakshatra negative traits

Angry, has family problems, too intense for others, self-important, egotism, hides their feelings and intentions, peaceful demeanor covers impatience and immorality, conniving, control freak, makes other dependent on them to gain control, possessive, dramatizes illness and troubles to gain sympathy, has many illnesses, many job changes, early troubles in life, tormented, hypocritical and secretive behavior.

Jyeshta nakshatra career interests

Self employed, management, military leaders, musicians, dancers, modeling, police detectives, engineers, intellectuals, philosophers, U.N personnel, shaman

Jyeshta nakshatra male characteristics

The male natives of Jyeshta nakshatra are very clean and sober individuals, but their qualities often go unnoticed. They cannot tolerate even small problems in life. They cannot hold secrets even pertaining to their own personal life and can never sleep peacefully till they tell them to someone. Their hot temper is their enemy causing them problems and failures in life. Most of them can easily ill-treat or trouble those who helped them the most. They hardly get any help from his relationships.

Jyeshta nakshatra female characteristics

These are intelligent women and are very eager to know what other people think and talk of her. They are great organizers and do not dominate over others. They are average in education, but sine in sports. They like to stay at home being content with the achievements and laurels of their husbands. They never enjoy a harmonious life in family. Most times their life is under some kind of turmoil. Most of them suffer a poor health.

Jyeshta nakshatra 2018 predictions

2018 will be a positive year for the natives of Jyeshta nakshatra. Be flexible with your career choice since you are most likely to land on a good job this year. If you have plans of advancing your career, keep exploring for new opportunities. Musicians, singers, artists and writers will have a good year. This is a good year to change your job, become self-employed or start a new business. People in armed forces, teaching and government jobs will find a bad period. Do not become a victim for politics at the workplace. You might not get much monetary gains this year. Theft of valuables is likely. Romance related issues will turn successful. Give food donation and pray Lord Vishnu daily.
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