Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta 10-00' to 23-20' Virgo
General Characteristics: Purity of thought and deed as well as self-control, active habits, full of resources
The hand
A hand - open hand blessing humanity.
Animal symbol
Female buffalo
Ruling planet:
Deva (god-like)
Presiding deity:
Savitar - the sun god who imparts creative and transforming energy.

Hasta nakshatra positive traits

Creative, pleasant, humorous, skilled in the arts, charming, practical, attractive, wealth late in life, many relationships, generous, unattached, intelligent, persuasive, cordial, weighs their words to avoid expressing anger, self-motivated, in control, focused on acquisition, good at defending and promoting their own interests, understands the value of social rituals and courtesies, skilled in providing service, thick-skinned, takes advantage of opportunities in new areas or in foreign lands, dexterous, determined, industrious worker, easily changes.

Hasta nakshatra negative traits

Likes competition and conflicts, restless - want spiritual experiences, changeable, con artist, self interest, emotionally unsettled, need to control lower self, unabashed, mistrustful, overindulgence in pleasuring themselves, nasty, mechanical in dealing with those who provide them no advantage, abuse of drugs, controlling, alcohol, and/or food to cope, critical when under stress, suppressed, health issues

Hasta nakshatra career interests

Painters, artists, craftsmen, scholars, teachers, writers, sales, communications, pr, hospital and volunteer work, healers, travel industry, conference planners, astrologers, palm readers, advisers, ministers, authors, counselors, educators, priests, thieves, rouges.

Hasta nakshatra male characteristics

The male natives of Hasta nakshatra are always admired for their calm nature. They are magnetic individuals who shine well in their public life. They never like to deceive others and extend a helping hand even unasked. However most times, they only end up being criticized. Their lives are full of ups and downs. They do not like posh life. Most times, these individuals are highly misunderstood and so lose their jobs and do not get the recognition they duly deserve.

Hasta nakshatra female characteristics

Their eyes are extremely beautiful and these women possess proportionate and beautiful bodies. They are mostly shy. Though they respect elders and seniors at work, they never like to be ruled over. They are straightforward and bold to tell their opinions without worrying about the consequences. Their husbands or parents are financially good and so most of them do not go for jobs. They enjoy a happy wedded life.

Hasta nakshatra 2018 predictions

2018 will bring mixed prospects for the natives of Hasta nakshatra. Those planning for a job change will find good luck coming in their way. Those searching for a new job will find this a tough time. The job you land on might not satisfy you in terms of position and salary. Those working in the fields of law and medicine will find this a tough year while those in automobiles, driving and heavy machinery will find this a great year. Students and business persons will face tough competitions. Be very careful with regard to money matters. Safeguard your documents and money properly. Some unwanted expenses might be on the way. You might need to drop a bad relationship and find a new one. Visit Shiva temple. Worship your Ishta Devata and donate food and clothes.
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