Dhanishta Nakshatra

Dhanishta 23-20' Capricorn to 6-40' Aquarius
General Characteristics: A liberal, rich person, brave and fond of music, generous, young looks
Complete wealth
Musical drum
Animal symbol
Female lion
Ruling planet:
Rakshasic (demonic)
Presiding deity:
The eight Vasus - the solar gods of energy and light

Dhanishta nakshatra positive traits

Insightful, perceptive, earns a good living, charitable giving, brave, does well in foreign countries, lives on both spiritual and material levels, liberal, compassionate, bold, good conversationalist, enjoys music and dance, good organizational abilities, ambitious, concerned with accomplishments and developing their careers, likes old and mystifying things, skilled in astrology

Dhanishta nakshatra negative traits

Aggressive, ruthless, inconsiderate, worried, can hurt others, makes up stories, lies, withholds information, don't like to be told what to do, argumentative, too talkative, select incompatible companions, lusts after material, careless, sexual difficulties, delayed/denied marriage, wants everything for themselves, covetous of other's success, self absorbed, narcissistic

Dhanishta nakshatra career interests

Musicians, poets, doctors & surgeons, real estate, property management, engineering, mining, scientists, research work, charitable organizations, surgery, drummers, military bands, reciters of rhythmical incantations - prayers, poetry

Dhanishta nakshatra male characteristics

Dhanishta nakshatra born males are highly intelligent and have an all-round knowledge. They never like to trouble others in any way. Till the last minute, they never like to show their disagreement with others for fear of having to hurt them. If they turn revengeful, they wait for the right opportunity to give back what they received. They can be trusted to hold secrets.

Dhanishta nakshatra female characteristics

These women have great aims in life and always spend a lot. They are highly sympathetic towards the week and needy. Their modest and liberal attitude wins them appreciation. They like to enforce rules on others and they must overcome this tendency to see harmony at home. They might not enjoy a good health, but they are very good in managing the household.

Dhanishta nakshatra 2018 predictions

2018 will bear average results to the Dhanishta nakshatra natives. Those working under the government and those seeking favors from the government will be lucky this year. Promotions are ahead of you. you might come across some legal proceedings related to job. Those working in the educational, medical and legal fields and students will find a great year. This is a great year to start or expand a business. Beware of thefts and cheatings. Your spouse’s spendthrift habit will disturb you. During emergency, you might need financial support from friends and relatives. You are most likely to be misunderstood. Therefore use your words carefully. Donate food. Worship Lord Shiva and chant ‘Om Namashivaya’.
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