Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini 0-00' - 13-20' Aries
General Characteristics: Good looking appearance, gentle personable manners, intelligent, skilled in work.
Possessing horses, the horsewoman.
A horse's head.
Animal symbol
A male horse
Ruling planet:
A male horse
Deva (god-like).
Presiding deity:
Ashvini Kumaras, the golden armored horse headed twins of ancient Vedic lore who performed many miracles as physicians of the celestial gods.

Ashwini nakshatra positive traits

Competent worker who performs above average on the job, intelligent, self sufficient, natural healer, helps others, moderate habits, dresses well, good finances, attractive, powerful, intuitive, idealistic, spiritually inclined, adventurous, independent, strong, powerful, charming, playful nature, nurturer, traveler, loves family.

Ashwini nakshatra negative traits

Hastiness in action compromises efficiency, impulsiveness, desire to pursue new experiences in life causes a weakness in finishing things, aggressive, stubborn, wants to do things their own way, disappointed when things do not go as planned, dissatisfied, arrogant, lack of mental quietude, over passionate.

Ashwini nakshatra career interests

Psychologist, therapists, physicians, healers, mystics, military personnel, police, criminal court, merchant, salespeople, musician, horse trainer, jockey.

Ashwini nakshatra male characteristics

Appearing calm and quiet outside, these are capable individuals who silently achieve great feats in life. These are also adamant people who are difficulty to tackle. Once they trust in someone, they will make the biggest sacrifices for them. Even under greatest dangers, they maintain their calmness. They act slowly but in a thoughtful manner. They like to keep their surroundings tidy. They are in a desperate situation with a drive to achieve.

Ashwini nakshatra female characteristics

Ashwini females are magnetic personalities. They attract anyone with their sweet speech. Though they can adapt to the modern life, they are always interested in following the tradition. If these are working individuals, they might probably quit their job after 50 years. They devote enough time for family and social work. Administrative jobs suit them the best.

Ashwini nakshatra 2018 predictions

Ashwini star natives will have a good time in 2018. If you are expecting to land on a government job, you are most likely to find one. You might face troubles from your boss this year at workplace. Never give way for creating enemies at workplace. Settle any differences amicably. Those in legal field, HR, writing, poetry, agriculture, farming and performing arts will have a wonderful year. This is a lucky year with regard to money matters. Though investments will bring you profits, greed will cause damages. Do not buy new vehicles this year. Save money during this year to invest wisely later. There will be some positive developments in your relationship with spouse. Romance will end in separation. You will gain a forgotten friend. Visit Vishnu temples and pray Lord Vishnu daily.
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