Ardra Nakshatra

Ardra 6-40 to 20-00' Gemini
General Characteristics: Emphasis on the mind or thinking capacity - deep feeling along with passionate thinking - motivated by desire
The moist one
The human head.
Animal symbol
Female dog.
Ruling planet:
Manushya (human).
Presiding deity:
Rudra the god of the storm and destruction.

Ardra nakshatra positive traits

Curious mind, hunger for knowledge, quick in action, good memory, prefers physical work or work involving the body, good at getting support from the government or authorities, great communicator, truthful, have a transformative point in life at which point they drop many of their bad traits, compassionate towards those in pain.

Ardra nakshatra negative traits

Arrogant, abuses power, lusts after material attainments, ungrateful, mischievous, reckless, physically oriented jobs, anti-social, mean streak causes pain to others, self-serving, dishonest, stubborn, critical, impolite, untruthful, poor financial planning, excessive indulgences, cause pain or agony to others, violent, complaining.

Ardra nakshatra career interests

Writers, teachers, hospice, social services, sales, pr, politics, humanitarian projects, athlete, butcher, drug dealer, chemotherapist, those who deal with dead things such as junk, canned, frozen food.

Ardra nakshatra male characteristics

The male native of Ardra nakshatra keeps those around them in cheerful spirits. He will make a great psychologist and has a lot of intuition. He will be cordial and friendly with his connections. However, most times, he will be ungrateful to those who helped him. He will have a fluctuating behavior. Though he can learn any subject, none of his learning will bring him name and fame. He finds it difficult to stick to a single task and meddles with many at a time. Some of them are great social workers.

Ardra nakshatra female characteristics

She is well behaved and highly peaceful. Endowed with a superior intelligence, she is highly helpful. One down side to her personality is finding faults with others easily. She can achieve a distinguished position in education and science related fields. She will do well as a consultant. She does not enjoy enough love and attention from her husband or children. In many cases separation from husband is noticed.

Ardra nakshatra 2018 predictions

2018 is going to be a tough year for you. For most time in the year, you will be occupied with financial troubles. You might face a reversal in career and also job loss. Avoid fights with colleagues and seniors. This is a good year for politicians and people in law fields. Students will secure admission with good institutions. Farmers will find a great year. Additional income in the family might give some relief. There might be some problems with your spouse. Renovations of home are most likely. Give food donations on your birth star day. Pray Lord Ganesh daily.
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