Anuradha Nakshatra

Anuradha 3-20 to 16-40' Scorpio
General Characteristics: Rich, live in foreign countries, unable to bear hunger, move from place to place
A small flash of lightening, a tiny spark, success
Lotus flower - ability and perseverance to blossom in the midst of life's trials and tribulations, a row or furrow
Animal symbol
Female deer or hare
Ruling planet:
Deva (god-like)
Presiding deity:
Mitra - the God of friendship and partnership who promotes cooperation among humanity

Anuradha nakshatra positive traits

Wise, spirited, fun-loving, attractive, vigorous, well-liked, spiritual seeker, interested in ancient knowledge, hard working, capacity for astrology, devoted, brave, enjoys travel, healthy, accommodates many people, enjoys social life and organizations, benefits more if they live away from their place of birth, ability to attract and maintain friendships, cooperates with others, ability to lead and form alliances

Anuradha nakshatra negative traits

Has remorse, guarded, cut off, deceitful, held back by others, can not cope with hunger or thirst, emotionally needy, rebellious, adheres to bad advice and suffers consequences, jealous and controlling of others, unaware of their effect on others which results in problems, may be melancholic due to a lack of maternal nurturing, anger issues, moves frequently due to dissatisfaction, tries too hard in terms of spiritual progress

Anuradha nakshatra career interests

Business management, organizational skills, travel industry, conference planners, dentists, plumbers, criminal lawyers, actors, musicians, mining engineers

Anuradha nakshatra male characteristics

With bright and beautiful eyes, the male natives of Anuradha possess a special aptitude to handle any tough situation in life in an organized way. Most times, these individuals look frustrated showing they are not peaceful in life. Even little problems bother them so much all the time. They falter several times before achieving the desired result. He looks for the right opportunity to take revenge of those who betrayed. He wants independence, but often helpless in life. Even under the toughest problems, he remains optimistic.

Anuradha nakshatra female characteristics

She wears an innocent look and can attract anyone with her highly attractive face and a slim waist. She never appears arrogant. This pure hearted individual always likes to live a simple, non-ostentatious life. Her selfless, amicable and graceful disposition wins her a lot of friends. She can shine well in politics and fields involving social interactions. She is treated as the head in her friends’ circles. She always respects elders.

Anuradha nakshatra 2018 predictions

This year will only be an average period for you. Your unwillingness to accept change will create problems in career. Those working abroad will see developments. Some fights with the management is likely. Carelessness might cause accidents. Businesses will not flourish and will remain stagnant. Artists and musicians will face a tough time. Never resort to immoral and unfair means to amass wealth which will ruin you. Be contented with the regular income to stay safe and secure. This is the right time to change your vehicle. Worship Lord Shiva on Mondays, do not take alcohol and read Bhagavad Gita chapter 2.
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