Virgo Moon Sign

Virgo moons are very difficult to please.they set very high standards for themselves as well as the people close to them. You are fanatical about cleanliness and your home and office will be spotlessly clean and tidy. Very practical, every thing you do is orderly with no room for error. You manage money wonderfully. You excel at everything you attempt. You posses great reserves of diplomacy and tact. Most writers have moon in Virgo. You lack self confidence. You need to loosen up with children- they will be messy. when moon passes through Virgo , health needs to be taken care but gain of new contacts is possible.
Uttaraphalguni last 3 quarters, Hastha, Chitra 1st half
Name starts with phonetic
Too, Pa, Pee, Pu, Sha, Na, Tha, Pay, Poe
Virgo Moon Sign
In the Vedic astrology, Virgo zodiac sign is called as Kanya Rashi symbolized by the figure of a virgin girl. Those individuals born when the Moon is in the zodiac sign of Virgo are identified as Virgo Moon sign natives. The Moon in Virgo blesses the natives with some excellent qualities like a strong tendency to fight evil in every sphere of life, a strong sense of justice, a charming personality, diverse kinds of talents and interests, enough financial backup, affluent life, wonderful elder siblings, strong immune system, well-formed legs and the power to meditate. It is very common to see the Virgo natives share strong value system in life. These individuals can excel in any trade they take up. We find most Virgos in the professions of lawyers, doctors, therapists, defence personnel and nurturers. When it comes to offering a stiff resistance against corruption, none can do better than a Virgo native.

Moon in Virgo – what it means to the natives
When the Moon is positioned in the zodiac sign Virgo, it makes the individuals stand unchecked by passion and flesh. The keyword to describe their top characteristic is ‘criticism’. This position of the Moon blesses the natives with an excellent mind that is never given away to confusions and indecisiveness. Virgos serve the humanity from different positions with a great degree of selflessness. They are highly evolved ones with a mature approach to life. They are self-contained individuals who are seen occupying professions like nursing, teaching, dietetics, secretarial works and service oriented roles. Women with Virgo moon sign are seen highly ambitious and inconsiderate. The most common professions these people occupy are those of critics, librarians, real estate managers, chemists and druggists. Often the Virgo born is fussy and criticise a lot without worrying about the consequences. Hence, they might end up inviting enmity.

Virgo Moon Sign Characteristics
It is hard to see these individuals getting confused over anything in life. Virgos are highly sociable and logical. Most times they are very busy planning and arranging for the next big thing in life. They will never go by the face value of things. They will question everything in life and find out the actual truth behind things and people. They always have a strong personal code of conduct and being ruled by Mercury they communicate well with facts and figures. They follow some high standards in life and are very loyal to their friends and relations. Their home and work place is usually neat and clean. They organize things meticulously and follow a systematic approach to work and career. They are usually dedicated workers who work loyally, tirelessly and with a keen eye for perfect output. When it comes to taking care of people, none can excel them.

Virgo Moon Sign Dislikes
Virgos are more intellectual beings than being emotional. These people are blessed with a sharp mind, exceptional memory and quick learning skills. They are highly analytic about the life and people around them. Since they keenly learn from their mistakes, they do not repeat them. Their systematic and practical approach to life is always admired. Virgos can never tolerate chaos and lack of a system or order. They want to find everything in place. They get stressed when faced with unplanned trips, emotional outbursts and chaotic situations. They can never bear being ignored. Crowds and noises are alien to them. They will never allow anyone to invade into their privacy. Also they strongly hate impoliteness in any form.

Virgo Moon Sign Marriage
Virgos want to find a stable economy, romantic temperament and a moral upbringing in their partner. Often their claims might be idealistic and impracticable. Nevertheless, these people are highly lucky when it comes to marriage since most Virgos are blessed with the best spouses on the earth. They will find a lot of suitors coming to them with marriage proposals. These people will make faithful companions to their life partners and will demonstrate good levels of self-discipline in family and sexual life. In the beginning of their married life journey they exhibit high levels of tolerance. Once they succeed in making their spouses listen to them, they gradually start disciplining them and taming to their expectations. The best match for a Virgo born is a Taurus native. The worst match will be a Sagittarius born.

Virgo Moon Sign Career
Virgos demonstrate a kind of decorum, carefulness and patience at the workplace. They are very particular even about the smallest details. For them money is important, but they are never greedy to amass wealth. They want as much money as needed for a stable life at present and a secure future. Their sense of responsibility, commitment and loyalty are unparalleled. Hey respect authority, obey instructions verbatim and demonstrate perfection at work. They are open to suggestions and corrections. However, their biggest pitfall is their tendency to criticise others openly in public which wins them enemies. Virgos will do extremely well in fields like science, teaching, medicine and research. It is very common to find Virgos work in the food sector, nursing and day care.

Virgo Moon Sign Money
Though Virgo natives value money so much, they are highly impulsive when it comes to handling money. They work relentlessly to earn enough money to secure comfort, stability and future security. They highly worry about their financial situation during their old age. These people have smarter ways to save money and tend to be creative in this regard. They analyse the possibilities, pros and cons and choose the best investment plans. They spend money carefully without being extravagant. Hey do not adore expensive outfits, fashionable items, fine dining restaurants and flashy things. They spend only on decent comforts, foods, functional items and gadgets.

Virgo Moon Sign Health
Virgos are vulnerable to diseases due to food sensitivity and allergies. They can find troubles from every corner of the room including dusty carpets, dirty rooms and greasy foods especially at times when their moon is afflicted. Their intestines and digestive systems are delicate and hence they must follow healthy food and exercise habits. Their worries might often cause them some illnesses. Any break in their regular routine can cause them some kinds of illnesses. These people love organic foods more than processed foods. Often they are prone to psychosomatic disorders due to their anxiety and stress. Prefer B vitamin rich foods and easy to digest foods. Chew the food properly while eating. Implement a healthy exercise regime to stay in good health.
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