Taurus Moon Sign

Taurean moonies follow a live and let live policy. Not the adventurous kind, you prefer to follow a routine and can get terribly distressed if for some reason that routine is broken. Artistically inclined, you appreciate art, music, dance and theatre. You enjoy good food and love having guests over. Your over cautiousness with money can attract the title of stingy. In matters of the heart you can be oppressively possessive. Health problems arise due to over indulgence of food. When moon transits Taurus, care should be taken with finances and theft.
Kritika last 3 quarters, Rohini, Mrigasira 1st half
Name starts with phonetic
Ee, U, Aye, Oh, Va, Ve, Vo, Vay, Vo
Taurus Moon Sign
The Vedic Astrology calls Taurus zodiac sign as Vrisha or Vrishabh Rashi. The Taurus is represented by the symbol bull. The Moon sign Taurus natives share certain significant characteristics due to the unique influence of the Moon. Some of the traits we find in them are springing energy, courage under all circumstances, excellent contacts, affectionate younger brothers and sisters, and the best respiratory system. It is very common to find the Taureans engage in life with indomitable confidence and enthusiasm. They do well in sports and games and are highly communicative to make their points known to others clearly. A good number of Taureans are seen taking up careers in the domain of information technology. Due to the blessings of the planets, Taureans never sit back in a moody state.

Moon in Taurus – what it means to the natives
The zodiac sign of Taurus is the natural domicile of Moon. Hence, the Taurus born persons are highly determinate individuals. These are very strong emotionally and also make loyal bonds of friendship. Often we find a Taurus native keen about testing the relationships to see if it will stand the test of time and challenges in life. The top characteristic traits they share are patience, stubbornness, and a fixed purpose in life. Taureans are highly materialistic people. They always look forward to a luxurious life and an indulgent living. Often they might appear obstinate over things in life. These people have an excellent memory and retain impressions for a very long time in life. They decide certain things and stick to their decisions, come what may. They are conservatives and love tradition beyond compare. The most common occupations to spot a Taurus native in are property, real estate, business, art, design and jewellery.

Taurus Moon Sign Characteristics
The Taurus born individuals always have the grand scheme of things in front of them. They are clear about where they stand and what they do. When it comes to work, they can do the job given to them tirelessly until they move it to a perfect completion. They can perfectly balance between their professional and domestic lives in a way effectively satisfying the demands of both these domains. They have a strong flair for fashion, art and designing. They want to be in an atmosphere characterized by loveliness and refinement. If this does not happen, they might fall into low energy levels and get succumbed to depression. These people have an excellent inner wisdom. They wish to follow their gut feelings instead of other parameters to decide things in life. Unless they are convinced that a particular move is justified and worthwhile, they never take a step forward.

Taurus Moon Sign Dislikes
The fixed sign of Taurus is thoroughly rooted in set ways. These people like consistency. Their top virtues are forethought, practical outlook, focus and determination. When they have decided to pursue a course of action, nothing can stop them till they achieve their goals. These people thoroughly fit into the saying, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”. You cannot tolerate someone challenging the world of security and comforts you have built, which you deal with an aggressive retaliation. Taurus born hate changes. They always wish to be in familiar and comfortable surroundings. They cannot welcome any drastic change in life. They are highly committed to their beliefs, plans, commitments and lifestyle. Taureans hate chaos. They cannot put up with betrayal, vulgarity and fake people.

Taurus Moon Sign Marriage
Being a Taurus moon sign born, you are realistic in your perception and focus more on achieving economic efficiency. Before choosing your life partner, you will like to go through the profile of the match thoroughly exploring their identity, wealth status and qualifications. For you, love without bread is meaningless. Hence, you deem love and marriage as deliberate actions rather than accidental or fanciful landings. However, once you have chosen your right partner, you will lead the match towards marriage by all means. Often you tend to push the other person too hard to the point of losing the romantic aspect of your love. The best moon sign for you to get married is Taurus and the worst choice can be an Aquarius born.

Taurus Moon Sign Career
The Taurus born people are highly sensible individuals. They are practical minded and realistic which reflects in their career front too. The Taurus born individuals work diligently day and night in a patient way waiting for results to come through. They do not make professional decisions in a hasty manner. These are known in their workplace as hardworking, reliable and determined. These persons do not change jobs frequently unless there is a valid reason. They respect their authorities and seniors very well. However, they cannot tolerate their pride being injured which instigates them to become stubborn. The career domains they do well are real estate, banking, investments, loans, insurance and others. They can do well where a lot of money rotation is involved. These people also do well as stylists and designers.

Taurus Moon Sign Money
The Taurus born people handle finances carefully. Their ruling planet is Venus, the luxury planet. Hence they need a lot of money for comforts and lavishness. They do crave for stability and security and they are aware that this can come only with money. Taurus natives are givers when it comes to relationships. They give a lot of importance to their families and kids. They go to any length in order to fulfil the needs, desires and ambitions of their family. The Taureans keep changing their money saving patterns and ways. They invest in several unrelated fields. However, most of such decisions are not impulsive or thoughtless. At times, they spend lavishly on gifts, furniture and dress in order to satisfy their loved ones which could burn a hole in their budget.

Taurus Moon Sign Health
The body parts of the Taurus natives that are vulnerable are upper torso, teeth, throat, neck, larynx, jaw, ears and chin. The most common complaints Taureans report are stiff neck, croup, sore throat, swollen glands, ear aches, neck injuries, tonsils and cervical pains. Taureans wish to indulge in all kinds of sensory pleasures. While they like tasty food so much, they can also be addicted to drinks. The healthy activities suggested for the Taurus born are keeping a control over their indulging nature, enough physical exercise, weight management and others. Though Taureans are highly disciplined in other areas of life, they tend to neglect their health which can cause them lingering health problems.
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