Scorpio Moon Sign

Moon in Scorpio is at its nadir- lowest point. This tends to accentuate its negative properties. You people are very secretive and difficult to decipher. You are over protective of your loved ones but they find it stifling because of your possessiveness and jealousy. You are easily hurt and are not very forgiving to those who have hurt you. You have a tendency to harbor grudges for ever. Steer clear of addictions as you have a tendency to use them as tools of escapism. You do best in felids where your natural intuitive skills can be used.(healing, medicine , etc.) when the moon passes through the Scorpio, destructive attitude comes to fore.
Vishakha last quarter, Anuradha, Jyestha
Name starts with phonetic
Tho, Na, Nee, Noo, Ney, No, Yaa, Yee, Yoo
Scorpio Moon Sign
As per Vedic astrology, Scorpio is known as Vrischik Rashi represented by the symbol of a scorpion. The Moon in this zodiac sign blesses the natives with some unique characteristics namely excellent working skills, sharp perception, successful ways and weak thighs. We find Scorpions highly skilled in the areas of vocations they take up. It is very common to find these natives innovate and research in different domains. Quite often luck does not favour these people. Though they might demand favours from their fathers, things elude them so easily making it difficult for them to grab anything that comes in their way. A number of Scorpions are seen inventing something new most of the time to ease the technologies and practices and improve them for better.

Moon in Scorpio – what it means to the natives
The word to sum up the traits Moon gives the Scorpio moon sign natives is ‘ulterior motive’. Scorpios are seen to have intense, passionate and deep relationships. They fearlessly choose who must be part of their life. They have a strong moral sense and their psychic abilities and intuition are unparalleled. These abilities make them see what lies below the surface. Most Scorpions are extremists. These intelligent individuals have a lot of calculating mentality and go by spiritual considerations. The Moon’s position makes Scorpios strong and forceful. They make excellent astrologers and occult practitioners. They are highly secretive, emotional and materialistic. Since Scorpio is a fixed sign, the natives of this zodiac are not seen wavering from the targets they set and tasks they have got to complete. The common vocations for these natives are medicine, chemistry, investigations and surgery.

Scorpio Moon Sign Characteristics
During the waning phase of the moon, the Scorpios will find themselves emotionally synchronized. These people are known to process things better in private far removed from the eyes of the world. You have the magical intuitive abilities to discover what other people are up to. To process all of this information, you need some private time with yourself. You appear to be forgiving most of the times, which might not be actually true. You carry the impressions deep inside and suffer. When you try to bear the troubles given by the people silently, you tend to get angry with yourself and find your tensions escalated. You are good at manipulating your environment to meet your ideal expectations. Your ideals help balance the intensity you have in you.

Scorpio Moon Sign Dislikes
Scorpios are highly unconventional. They are ready to plunge into careers that involve adventure and risk. When focused towards a positive course of action, they are happy and successful. If they direct their energies and focus towards the negative ways, they become revengeful and are moved towards occult sciences. Scorpios are magical and mesmerizing personalities and have extreme emotions. Scorpios can easily find out if someone is lying. These people can never tolerate falsehood. It is difficult to keep secrets from a Scorpio native. Only when they feel you are remorseful, they will forgive you. The fearless Scorpios are more than willing to take up adventures and risks in everything. They hate people intruding into their private spheres since they value privacy more than anything else in life. Scorpios cannot put up with waiting. They can hardly tolerate disrespect, criticism and personal questions.

Scorpio Moon Sign Marriage
Scorpios are the most secretive individuals in the entire zodiac system. For them feelings must invariably lead to sex. They are known for hiding a mysterious space inside their deep heart, which they never like to share with others. It is very common to find Scorpios fall in to a surficial, loveless marriage for want of sex. These extreme, stubborn and jealous individuals are devoid of any sense of empathy. They can never tolerate disloyalty. Often they grow suspicious of their own life partner which stains the relationship to the core. Nevertheless, these people are known for some extramarital affairs for want of sexual satisfaction. Scorpios must exercise a great care not to mess up with disputes on love. The most suitable moon sign for Scorpios to get married is Taurus. Often Scorpios are found attracted to cancer natives.

Scorpio Moon Sign Career
Scorpios have a high degree of confidence which is often intimidating as well as charismatic. These are loyal and self-motivated persons. They are silent spectators of everything and everyone around them and they make their own unfailing judgement about people and situations. These people have the tendency to plunge deeply into the minds of other people to discover what they are all about. They can respect their bosses only if they are worth respecting. They do not fail to remind their authorities if they are not up to the mark. Some of the careers that suit the Scorpios best are Police, researching, science, journalism and others. They do well in vocations that involve finding out truth and solving enigmas.

Scorpio Moon Sign Money
Scorpios love money and need it very badly. These people work very hard to make good money. Dealing with money matters is a pleasure for them though they are not seen careful enough wile handling money. For them money is a status symbol and a means to impress others. They are patient and persistent when it comes to saving money. They can implement shrewd plans and ideas to save money. Only when they save money they feel their life is optimistic, secure and carefree. When it comes to saving, these people never hesitate to cut down on their expenses and save every penny. While they are in good moods, Scorpios spend money on shopping and indulgence. When they feel a strong reason to spend, they hardly worry about the consequences.

Scorpio Moon Sign Health
The reproductive health is the most vulnerable areas of Scorpio health. These people are vulnerable to sexual diseases. If the planetary positions are adverse, Scorpio females have problems in conjugal relationships, menstruations and pregnancy. A number of Scorpio men have prostate disorders. Often these people develop impotence. Since Scorpios hold several hidden feelings like anger and jealousy, they often suffer stress related disorders, constipation and diarrhoea. They need to take fibre rich diet to stay healthy and avoid digestion problems. Eat a lot of fresh fruits, oat, wheat germ and other good foods to balance your health. Poor food practices might not only affect your health, it will also impact your emotional wellbeing.
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