Sagittarius Moon Sign

You are smart, intelligent, fun loving and have mastered the art of putting your foot in your mouth. You hold a very high opinion of yourself and could not care less about what others think of you. Your general carelessness translates into money matters and this needs to be taken stock of. You do well in any field as far as it is intellectually challenging. You love to be in love but if a relationship proves wrong you do not bide your time being miserable, but move on. You make the best parents in the world. When moon passes through Sagittarius, plans tend to get disrupted.
Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada 1st quarter
Name starts with phonetic
Yey, Yo, Ba, Bee, Bu, Dha, Pha, Dha, Bay
Sagittarius Moon Sign
Also called as Dhanur Rashi in Vedic astrology, Sagittarius is controlled by the Jupiter. The Moon’s presence in the zodiac sign at the time of the native’s birth bestows the individual certain special characteristics including a sharp sixth sense, involvement in occult sciences, aggression, a strong spiritual bent of mind, polite behaviour and a strong body constitution. Sagittarians are seen religious and lucky individuals who are forceful when it comes to fighting, but gentle in their behaviour. These individuals shine in the fields like research, creative vocations, abstract sciences and philosophies and others. These people are gifted with the strong power of intuition that makes them distinguished from the rest of the people.

Moon in Sagittarius – what it means to the natives
The position of moon in their zodiac sign at the time of birth blesses these individuals with the ability to take risks. The rule of Jupiter gives them enough enthusiasm and courage to pursue their missions in life. These individuals are highly conscious of their bodies and feel that their body, mind and spirit are a unified whole. These people love independence to the core and can never tolerate being trapped in any way physically, emotionally or intellectually. These are highly adaptable people and have a lot of friends due to their gregarious nature. They help anyone in need and strongly believe in fair play and justice. Every Sagittarian is fond of higher education and pursue learning throughout their lives. These are active philosophers. They have a brilliant mind and a dynamic approach to life. Their breadth of vision is amazing.

Moon Sign in Sagittarius:
Since Moon is constantly in action, it reflects the Sagittarian urge for activity, agility and diversity. You are an adventurer and want to go through excitements all the time. Whenever life is dull, you tend to slip into weariness and start looking for something better and brighter. The search for something new all the time lands you in trouble quite often since you tend to stir the pot in the wrong way triggering too much activity. You have a strong passion towards serving the humanity and combined with your philosophical nature, this attitude puts you in the position of a mentor or teacher most times almost in every situation. You will make a brilliant teacher admired by your students and followers. Your indomitable spirit and enthusiasm mesmerizes the masses pulling them towards your charismatic personality.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Dislikes
Sagittarians are exploring in nature. They like travelling to far off lands and take up risky adventures. They always need movement and can never tolerate sitting still at one place. You are very frank when it comes to disclosing what you have in mind without coating it with sugar. This will often bring you enmity. You fear boredom and regular routine. In fact these situations appear like punishments for a Sagittarian which they cannot endure for long. These people can never put up with dishonesty. They can never tolerate someone who will stifle their need of freedom. They want to be brutally honest and this will make them land on serious blunders. A Sagittarian can never depend on others. Qualities like pessimism are never there in their dictionary. They do not want to be tied down by norms and restrictions.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Marriage
Since Sagittarian moon sign natives are prone to a lot of travels, they might find their love in exotic lands. You want practicality and rationality to rule the domain of marriage. Love activities like sending flowers and cards do not have any meaning for you. In fact you despise them as wasteful acts. During your search for a soul partner, often you earn sisters and brothers who admire you for your intelligence and temperaments. Though you might advocate cohabitation this attitude never comes in the way of your loyalty to your partner. The most suitable moon sign for you to get married is Aries. The worst match for you will be a Virgo born. Initially you might fall in love with a Leo native.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Career
Sagittarians are cheerful workers. They want their surroundings to be stimulating and fun filled. Their ways and tendencies impress people at times and annoy them at other times. These people are always goal setters and like to finish what they have taken up. Sagittarians are open to criticisms and hardly get offended while facing one. These persons always admire logic, smartness and intelligence. One downside to their personality is passing on frank comments at wrong places during wrong times. The risk taking, free spirited and adventurous Sagittarians do well in careers that involve travelling. They can be found as sports stars, adventurists, merchants, navy personnel, travel guides, pilots and in similar other professions. Anything that involves confinement and fixed routine can never suit them. Entrepreneurship appeals to them due to the freedom it gives these individuals. The brilliant and logical minded Sagittarians are seen as scientists, philosophers, speakers, engineers and researchers.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Money
A Sagittarian will always like to earn from the sources they believe in. Though money is very important for them, they feel money alone is not everything in life. They can never tolerate being controlled. Hence they choose to work as freelancers and entrepreneurs. On the move with their career, they wish to earn enough to secure their future. Sagittarians are very serious when it comes to saving money. They do it in a disciplined fashion and get paid off well at the end. These persons love to spend on travels, foods, gadgets and drinks. Nevertheless they are not fond of luxurious items, glamorous outfits and home décor. They want to see a perfect blend of simplicity and comfort. Since they understand the importance of money, they spend it in intelligible ways.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Health
The common health issues that Sagittarians face are related to thighs, pelvis, hips, liver and pituitary glands. It is common to see Sagittarians suffer from obesity, hip bone problems, gallstones, jaundice, hip fractures and lower back pains. On a daily basis, they are prone to muscle spasms. These people must always take special care to avoid injuries, muscular sprains and fractures. Their over-indulgence might land them on weight gain. Digestion problems, dehydration and travel borne diseases are very common in Sagittarians. Even in eating, you look for variety and hence you tend to take more than others. Moderation in life and dietary habits can do you so much good.
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