Pisces Moon Sign

Highly romantic and sensitive, you need a person you can lean on and who can push you in all your endeavors. Very low on confidence, you constantly seek support. You are compassionate and considerate of others and have greatly evolved intuitive skills. You avoid confrontation like a plague and will even resort to lying as long as you don't have to face a conflict. Procrastination is your middle name and you will try any trick in the trade to put off things as you lack the necessary drive. When the moon passes through Pisces one tends to get emotional and depressive.
Poorvabhadra last quarter, Uttarabhadra, Revathi
Name starts with phonetic
Dee, Du, Tam, De, Do, Cha, Che
Pisces Moon Sign
The Vedic Astrology calls Pisces as Meen rashi. Moon sign Pisces results when the individual is born when the Moon is placed in the Pisces zodiac sign. Moon significantly impacts the Pisceans in giving them a sharp intellect, most wonderful children, excellent ideas, sense of self-esteem and self-respect. These people are blessed with a strong upper abdomen. Pisceans are mostly wealthy and live a dignified life on the earth. These persons are highly sensitive regarding their self-image and make highly affectionate parents to their children. The distinguished characteristic of the Pisceans is to be able to invent innovative ideas and implement them. These are rare individuals with several gifts to their personality with high levels of sensitivity being their pitfall.

Moon in Pisces – what it means to the natives
While being positioned in Pisces, Moon is in the domains of Jupiter and Venus. Hence the natives of Pisceans are noted for their anxious temperament. Pisceans are highly sacrificial in nature. They have a strong drive to help others and make the world a better place to live in for everyone. Since these people often cross their personal boundaries to get involved with other people’s problems unasked, often they are misunderstood of invading into others’ territories. The chief characteristics bestowed by Moon to these individuals are inability to make concrete decisions, high levels of sensitivity, submissive nature, receptive attitude, and a secretive behaviour. They want to see an idealistic world. Pisces sign is primarily most suitable for a woman than a man. They make loyal friends and can do well in professions related to entertainment, dealing with liquids of any kind, promotion, seafaring and detective.

Pisces Moon Sign Characteristics
Most Pisces natives live the life of withdrawal. Often this attitude is mistaken for shyness. However, this is nothing more than sensitivity. Often you can be highly intuitive about persons and the world which might shock yourself. You have a wonderful power of observation. You can make judgements in a shrewd way and can assess things and people accurately. These gifts make you a person to be reckoned with. Nevertheless you only use your powers in some creative ways. If you are allowed to follow your own ways and fancies, you feel comfortable and contented. If you happen to be confined or criticized, you will only be moved into a raging animosity towards those persons. You have an unmatchable perspective of the world and you deserve to dance to your own tunes.

Pisces Moon Sign Dislikes
Pisceans are the most gentle and sensitive of all the zodiac signs. Your intuition and perception are several steps higher than those of other people. Your empathy and sympathy are unparalleled. Most times, your sympathy turns out to be a curse since it makes you get preoccupied with the problems of other people being bogged down by feelings and sentiments. You are known to move to the extremes namely the highest cheerfulness and the deepest depression at different times. Being soft individuals, Pisceans can never tolerate rudeness. They hate harsh words and any kinds of criticisms even in their own good interest. These people can never accept their own mistakes. It is nearly impossible for you to forget and forgive. Excuses, lies, betrayal, rules and restrictions are all some things you can never put up with in your life.

Pisces Moon Sign Marriage
Most Pisceans believe that the world is good and it is most likely that these people are deceived and cheated more than those of the other zodiac signs. In fact, most times, these people are not even aware that they have been victimized. It is hence best for these people to consider the advices and opinions of trusted friends and elders. Get married only to that person who has been strongly recommended to you by your elders of reliable friends. While falling in love, you will be ready to extreme sacrifices and give away all your money to your loved one. You are known for your high degree of compassion and careless attitude towards money. The worst match for you will be a Gemini native. The best one to get married is a Scorpio born.

Pisces Moon Sign Career
Pisceans can never fit in a job role that does not give vent to their creativity and imagination. Hey will do badly in an atmosphere that lacks these possibilities. It is very common to see a Piscean shift from one job to another apparently for no reason or for imaginary reasons. It is characteristic of a Piscean native to give into confusions, doubts and harbour a lot of secrets deep inside the heart. This will make them day dreamers. In their effort to show sympathy to others and help them, they land in troubles. These people must be given a calm and gentle work atmosphere to give their best. The domains of art, literature and philosophy are their cup of tea. It is very common to see Pisceans in occupations related to writing, music, painting, filmmaking, photography, designing and criticism. The roles of nurses, doctors, surgeons, therapists, healers, rescue centres and orphanages are best suited for these people.

Pisces Moon Sign Money
Pisceans need a lot of money to live the life of their dreams and fantasies. However, it is very difficult for these people to stick to a given job and find a regular income. This tendency will make them look like they are irresponsible when it comes to dealing with money and their profession. Pisceans find innovative ways to invest their money. They are not highly impressed with the traditional ways of saving money like real estate, fixed deposits, gold and others. In fact they are ready to take risks in matters of approaching new avenues to invest. It is very common to see Pisceans spend money on impulsive reasons. If they are not careful, they will stand exhausted and bankrupt most times.

Pisces Moon Sign Health
The changes of environment affect Pisceans strongly. They are quick to catch up allergenic reactions, pollution, seasonal influenzas and waterborne diseases. These people need to maintain high levels of hygiene not to fall into some strange illnesses. Often they get addicted to alcohol and drugs in order to escape their emotions or in their effort to get closer to their spiritual selves. For them the world of fantasies is more preferable than the real world. Thee habits can be dangerous for the delicate physicians. They need to take steps to strengthen their immune system by taking regular vaccinations, immunizations and medicines.
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