Libra Moon Sign

Artistically inclined, beauty and harmony are important to you. You keep beautiful homes, and love art, music, theatre and dance. You are understanding and people come to you to solve their problems. You have the ability to see an argument from all angles, no wonder your sign is depicted with a judge's scale. You fall in love easily. You need to face reality and avoid escapism. If you are mentally unhappy it will reflect on your physical health. When in transit the moon passes through Libra, its time to focus on relationships.
Chitra last half, Swati, Visakha first 3 quarters
Name starts with phonetic
Ra, Ree, Ru, Ray, Tha, Thee, Thoo, They
Libra Moon Sign
Vedic astrology calls Libra as Tula Rashi. Positioned in their native house Libra during their birth, the Moon blesses them with the characteristics of attractive personality, strong sense of justice, romantic bent of mind, versatile talents, and researching abilities. It is very common to find the Librans being blessed with excellent elder brothers or sisters and a huge wealth backup. These people have the power of meditation and also the best respirator system on the earth. These are job oriented individuals. They are action loving people and are highly romantic. They love business and distant pursuits. They want to go on frequent tours and travels. The excellent work culture they demonstrate is something unique to their personality.

Moon in Libra – what it means to the natives
The house of Libra is deemed to be one of the best positions for the Moon. The keyword to describe moon in this house is ‘decision’. The Moon in Libra characterizes the crucial turning points in life and balanced decisions. It also blesses these individuals with a strong aesthetic sense, love for beauty, peace and harmony both in life and art. These charming and creative individuals have excellent diplomatic skills. They love to start new projects. However, they cannot love it after their initial enthusiasm dries out. Then they seek other projects to work on. The Libra Moon does not give these natives any notable character; instead these people invent grand ideas that expire even before they are born. Leo natives of both the sexes are amorous loving. At the same time, they are fickle minded and have a wavering nature when it comes to romance. Most times these people can be reckless in spending. Individuals with a strong Libra presence are seen creating troubles for themselves.

Libra Moon Sign Characteristics
Librans shine at their best when they live humble lives and keep things simple. The places where they live and work are clean, neat and well-organized. They are clear in all their dealings. They always seek a life partner who will balance their energy. Though they are bent on loving simple life, complications do come naturally to them making their life challenging. These individuals work hard to fight challenges and discover some amazing solutions. These are great partners who can move the partnership ventures to success especially in situations where the other partner is incapacitated and have some serious flaws in them. Librans are creative individuals who love art, fashion and literature.

Libra Moon Sign Dislikes
Librans are easygoing individuals who mostly seek a life of simplicity, but elegance. These are charming people who are thoroughly outgoing and adaptable to any circumstance. They have a keen eye for aesthetics. These are powerful balancing forces as indicated by the symbol of their zodiac sign and it is very common to see them as the harbingers of peace, harmony and justice at relationships, workplace and home. Being ruled by Venus, these people have a flair for beauty, symmetry and proportion. Librans strongly hate chaos and imbalance. They are always just and fight for truth. They can never put up with situations involving conflict and disagreements. These persons can hardly tolerate being disliked and lonely.

Libra Moon Sign Marriage
Librans are thoroughly conservatives. They highly care about the status of the family. More than economic condition, personality and appearance, you wish to give importance to the family background and the mentor of the individual when it comes to choosing your life partner. Most Librans are blessed with a good marriage, great life partner and wonderful children. Librans expect their spouse to be noble in their attitude and approach. The most suitable moon sign for the Librans to get married is Aquarius.

Libra Moon Sign Career
Librans are highly sensitive individuals. They love peace, balance and beauty. They want a good looking place to work. They need peace loving colleagues to be able to work well and give their best. Any acts of injustice, disharmony and lack of coordination can easily turn them down ruining their performance and peace. It is difficult for a Libran not to be free from personal life when at work. If anything is troubling them, they can be easily disturbed and they are confused, lazy, disoriented and indecisive during such times. Librans do well in the fields of art, philosophy, publications, music and literature. These people can throw excellent arguments and are the best suited ones for law related professions. They love beauty and order which makes them shine well in interior designing and construction. Ministry, justice, politics, business and partnership ventures are some wonderful areas where a Libra can shine.

Libra Moon Sign Money
Librans love to be rich overnight. They want to accumulate enough money to procure luxurious and glamorous things for living an exuberant life. This tendency makes them prone to mistakes and indecisiveness in handling money matters. The dictum that will guide them properly in their life is ’Haste makes waste’. Librans enjoy saving money as much as they are interested in spending it on their dreams. They are highly secretive about their investment plans. They think well and discover an investing option to move with. Balancing is the most important habit Librans must cultivate to be successful. These people are highly aware of the necessity of a beautiful surrounding to live and work. Hey like to spend on a nice home, stylish costumes, great home, perfumes and a lavish home décor.

Libra Moon Sign Health
Most Librans can be overindulging at times as they are socialite personalities. They love good company, elevating music and delicious cuisines. They need to keep a check on their outward nature to stay healthy. He most common ailments Librans report are those related to kidneys, stomach, bladder and the back. Women might face some problems related to the urinary tract, lower back pain and ovaries. If their Mars is afflicted, they might suffer sexually transmitted diseases. Blood related problems are not uncommon in the Libran natives. It is necessary for them to keep their sugar levels under check. Guard yourself against alcoholism, sunstroke and over indulgence. Take fibre rich foods and drink a lot of water to avoid problems to the urinary tract.
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