Leo Moon Sign

Leonine moons are as fearless as the lion that depicts them. You also have an over abundance of energy that you have no qualms about loaning to others who need a push in life. Absolute extroverts, you love being the center of attraction. You thrive on romance and are always surrounded by admirers. Learn to be humble and less self centerd. As parents, do not push your children too hard. When moon transits Leo try and control all forms of flamboyancy.
Magha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni 1st quarter
Name starts with phonetic
Ma, Me, Moo, May, Moo, Ta, Tee, Too, Tay
Leo Moon Sign
Leo Moon Sign is otherwise known as Simha Rashi in Vedic astrology. The Moon influences this zodiac sign in a significant way giving some unique traits and blessings to these natives. The Leo moon sign natives are known to be extroverts and outgoing. These persons are also luxury loving, prankish and possess an indomitable spirit to create their own ideologies and stand on their own strong foot. These people always go by their own novel ideas making them detest the traditional and the conventional. These are very strong individuals with fearless dispositions to jump into something that they want to achieve. This characteristic clearly distinguishes them from the rest. Seeing from far, you can make out a Leo native with their flair for living an expensive life with a glittering personality.

Moon in Leo – what it means to the natives
Leo zodiac is the natural domicile of the Planet Sun. When the Moon is found in this house, it means the natives will be blessed with the quality of pride. These people are highly freedom loving. They are highly assertive individuals who love to benefit from the opportunities they find in front. They are however capable of self-sacrifice. Leo born individuals are characterized by robust personalities and can be highly decisive. These are born leaders. They are highly optimistic and generous too, encouraging others on the move to follow them and implement their startling example. They have their own unique styles and love action, excitement and romance to the core. It is not uncommon to see the Leos sacrifice anything for the cause of fighting for justice and righteousness. These people have the tendency to make other people dependant on them. Moon in Leo also means no one including their spouse can dominate over them. For women, this position is less desirable as they might choose a weak man as their life partner who they can dominate at their will.

Leo Moon Sign Characteristics
Nothing on the earth can blur your brilliance. If someone denies you the respect and authority your duly deserve, you can never stay back without grabbing it by force. You have an amazing wit, intelligence and a magical charm. With your sharp intelligence you can process ideas very quickly in a way communicating excellently with those around you. You must conduct yourself depending on the phases of the moon so that you do not end up creating misunderstandings in others. You have a natural luck in your horoscope that makes it possible to benefit from the opportunities around you. When it comes to taking risks, none can excel you. Combined with your luck, the feats you achieve in your life with your persistent efforts make you highly optimistic.

Leo Moon Sign Dislikes
Leos are highly confident individuals but are very sensitive. They are predictable, but very much elusive. These are strange individuals possessing some unique temperaments. They always wear a smile on their faces. They want to do things in their own fashion. They can never put up with the feeling of being side-lined or neglected on uninvited. They hate to be ignored and left out. They crave for complements. These generous individuals and charitable but can never tolerate ingratitude. They highly expect to be thanked for the favors they do. They deem social status as the highest priority in life. They wish to handle things in their own fashion and hate being advised and directed. Those who mock at them and belittle their efforts will instantly turn their enemies. They do not want to be helped as they have a high degree of self-worth and self-respect.

Leo Moon Sign Marriage
Leos always seek so much from their life partners. They are not happy with mediocre choice. They set high standards and try to figure out someone who will fit the best of their expectations when it comes to marrying. However, they focus very little on domestic life and satisfying their partners. These extrovert and ambitious personalities are very much occupied with their social and professional life that they have very little time to spend for the family. It is very rare to find a Leo born stick to the home. They also motivate their children to be adventurous and freedom loving. The best moon sign suitable for you as life partner is Scorpio. The worst choice can be Sagittarius.

Leo Moon Sign Career
Leos are obsessed with recognition, fame and prestige when it comes to their professional life and career. They are not happy with a career that gives them only money and not appreciation and social status. In the workplace, these individuals feel they are the best ones and they need to be admired for their works and talents to be able to contribute consistently. They want other people to feel they are the most important ones, smartest and the most needed ones in the organization. These people like to dress in an amazing way. They love spending hours in front of the mirror grooming and dressing to their heart’s content. These charismatic individuals do well in careers like performance, speaking and hosting. They can also shine in public relationship roles and sales. It is very common to see the Leos as politicians, film producers, directors and actors. They will also do well in the fields of arts and music.

Leo Moon Sign Money
Leos make money with persistent efforts and spend all that they have earned in grand ways. For them money is valuable only when it comes with prestige and fame. They cannot make money b compromising with their self-respect and prestige. They rather do not want such money. Leos want to fulfil their ambitions through money. Often they spend it on unrealistic goals. These are not bent upon saving money for a secured future. These are extravagant when it comes to spending. They are lavish lovers spending so much on clubs, restaurants, style and entertainment. It is very common to see them buy expensive outfits, the best furniture, premium class movie tickets, costly wines and champagnes.

Leo Moon sign Health

Leos usually enjoy a long life as they are under the influence of Sun that blesses them with vitality, health and strength. It is rare to find them sick. If their sun is afflicted, they can succumb to the diseases related to bones, stomach, skin and heart. Leos must low down during their senior years to stay protected against heart attacks. The most common problem they face is bone and joint problems. A weak sun might also cause them high fevers and mental illnesses at times. Avoid fatty foods and do enough exercise. Involve in some kind of physical activity like playing with kids and entertain yourself for an emotional boost. Taking calcium, magnesium, basking in sunlight, vegetables and dairy products will do you so much good.
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