Gemini Moon Sign

Gemini is symbolized by twins that explain your duality and ability to do two things at a time. You possess the sharpest brain amongst the twelve signs. You flint from one thing to another at super sonic speed and this could be your strength as well as your weakness. You need to learn to listen more than talking. You are very easily bored and easily leave one task unfinished to start another. You make excellent parents. When moon transits your sign, you need to be careful of what you say and avoid physical and nervous stress.
Mrigasira last half, Ardra, Punarvasu first 3 quarters
Name starts with phonetic
Ka, Ke, Koo, Gha, Jna, Cha, Kay, ko, Haa
Gemini Moon Sign
Gemini Moon Sign is also called by the Vedic astrology as Mithun Rashi. With the influence of the Moon on this zodiac sign in an exclusive way, the Gemini natives will be blessed with a set of benefits in their lives including a melodious voice, eloquent speech, affluent wealth, enough saving to provide a financial back-up, and very helpful relatives. It is very common to find the Gemini natives singing attractively. These are great speakers and can mesmerize the audience with their captivating talk on the stage. They have a potential network of relatives and friends who will support them at times of need. Hence, among the other zodiac signs, Gemini natives are gifted with enough blessings to excel in their lives.

Moon in Gemini – what it means to the natives

Moon is placed very weakly in Gemini. The word to describe the nature of Geminians is ‘duality’. Geminians are prone to change frequently. These are nervous persons who are also witty and highly engaging. Gemini natives thrive by talking and expressing themselves in a profound and appealing way. Moon influences them in such a way that they look for careers in the fields of media, sales and travels. The Gemini born always craves for recognition. They are highly practical as well as ambitious. Though they are brilliant, they live a superficial life most of the times focusing more on impressing others with their talents and witty nature. Since the Moon in Gemini is never a favourable aspect, these individuals are acute in their thinking. They are very quick to make judgments. Geminians of both the genders are inconsistent and frivolous. They never live life deeply. They are flirtatious and seek their life partner without a significant purpose in life only to stay entertained. The job roles that will best suit them are investor, research fellow, dancer, librarian, accountant and a journalist.

Gemini Moon Sign Characteristics

As a Gemini Moon sign native, you are sharp in thinking and expressing yourself like the brilliance of the full moon in the sky. You are always eager to overthink which makes you anxious and nervous. Often you doubt your own decisions and judgment. You need an atmosphere that can balance your active mind and give you an outlet of creativity. Music is especially very good for these natives since it can activate both the left and the right brains. These individuals are endowed with excellent communicating and convincing skills that makes them look confident on what they say. You do not just listen what others say; instead you think their thought. This quality makes you an effective liaison officer to represent any business, brand or organization. You will make wonderful negotiators. You always want to be heard and cannot tolerate the situations where you feel you are not attended to.

Gemini Moon Sign dislikes
The Gemini natives are electrified individuals. Emotional, physical and mental energies flow out rather smoothly from them. They can channelize this energy in right directions to achieve great things in life. It is very common to find the Geminians active, talkative, sociable, happy-going and intelligent. They are also highly practical and like to keep busy all the time with an involved social life. You can never tolerate monotony in life. Boredom will put you off and can affect your ability to make decisions. You flirt from one task to another all the time. The biggest challenge they face is completing a task fully. You cannot tolerate being tied down as you love freedom to the core. You wish to explore the wide world in front of you. You hate being emotional. You do not want to e emotionally dependant on anyone on the earth. You are a storehouse of knowledge and you learn things rather very quickly.

Gemini Moon Sign Marriage
Geminians are dubious minded all the time and are always bent upon speculating and manipulating things in life for self-interest. They want to be surrounded by people. Hey cannot attend to the same person or stick on to an individual to fulfil their needs and wants. Hence it is very common to find their spouses jealous and complaining. You often do not bother to distinguish a person from the crowd and this makes you a killer in the eyes of those individuals. You hardly take the opinion of your dependable contacts, friends and relatives in matters of marriage. For you marriage does not have a deep purpose in life more than just being yet another entertainment. Do not make friends with bad guys which might ultimately ruin your life. Learn to make the right decisions when it comes to crucial things like marriage in life. The best moon sign to get married for Geminians is Libra. You are never compatible with Pisces.

Gemini Moon Sign Career
If you find someone in your office that talks fast, moves fast, appears nervous, dubious and impatient, there are high chances that it could be a Geminian. Even when they sit in their workstation for some time, they are working on a lot of information and their minds can never be idle or focus on a particular idea or task. Gemini natives are highly unpredictable when it comes to work. These strikingly curious individuals can do well in fields like public relationship, media, debating, creative writing, networking, language teaching, consultancy and public speech. It is very common to find them as good lawyers, stage performers and directors.

Gemini Moon Sign Money
Gemini natives are highly unpredictable when it comes to handling money. They are not good at managing their finances. They are very much unsure about what will be their next financial move. At times, they might earn a lot and save a lot. At other times, they might spend most of it on weird reasons. Their quick witted nature makes it easy for them to earn a lot. However, they deal with money in an immature fashion focusing very little on the consequences. Thus, at times they might become bankrupt. Geminians do think of achieving financial stability by saving money. They like to invest on properties and real estates. They are sincere in saving money. They like to spend on luxury items and decorative things. Nevertheless, they are not impulsive buyers.

Gemini Moon Sign Health
The most common health problems Geminians face include the diseases of the lungs, shoulders, fingers, hands and nervous system. They invite nervousness, anxiety and stress related symptoms since they are overthinking. They are always on their nerves. Most Gemini natives suffer from irritability and mood swings most of the times the reasons being over-thinking, mental exhaustion and a flood of worrisome thoughts. The common diseases Geminians might face are cold, cough, lung disorders, emphysema and asthma. Due to their intense activity, they burn more calories than what they eat and so become easily tired and fatigued. Resort to relaxation techniques for the body as well as the mind to live a happy and healthy life.
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