Capricorn Moon Sign

Single minded devotion to work symbolizes those with their moon in Capricorn. Success- financial and business is very important to you than any relationship. You are capable of making any sacrifice for material gains. Women of this sign tend to marry solely for money. You do possess a lighter side, but for all practical purposes you prefer to wear a no nonsense mask. You need to be careful of allergies and skin problems. When moon transits Capricorn, Money matters need to be attended to.
Uttarashada last 3 quarters, Sravana, Dhanishta 1st half
Name starts with phonetic
Bo, Ja, Je, Ju, Jay, Jo, gha, Ga, Gee
Capricorn Moon Sign
Capricorn is also called as Makar Rashi in Vedic astrology. The way Moon influences these individuals sees them as fascinating individuals and successful lovers. They have a strong ability to research and innovative a lot of things in life. They are highly successful in business and possess well matured genital organs. Hence we find most Capricorn natives being blessed with a magical personality. These people are very fond of sports and love luxury and sensual pleasures to the core. They are highly successful as entrepreneurs and they are visionaries when it comes to life. They have a strong poetic and literary ability to accomplish great works. They are highly successful in the career they take up. Sports, games, travel agency and academics are fields native to them.

Moon in Capricorn – what it means to the natives
Astrology experts do not see the position of Moon in Capricorn zodiac sign as a desirable position. The word that describes the characteristics of Moon in this sign is ‘Management’. These people lack sympathy. They are preoccupied with their needs and wants. Most Capricorn natives are seen highly selfish. They are highly practical and feel a strong sense of responsibility towards those around them. Most of them are very loyal and when they give their heart to someone, they will never give them up under any circumstances. Dignity and tenacity are their chief characteristics. They have a realistic vision of the world and they also expect others to be so. They see farther than what is apparent. Moon in Capricorn is desired for men than women since with this arrangement, women will turn off most men.

Capricorn Moon Sign Characteristics
You have a perfect sense of self-control and stay disciplined most of the times. Often this tendency is perceived by others as a native attitude towards life. You are highly productive when it comes to work and accomplish difficult things with ease. Hence most times, your hard efforts might go unnoticed. You will always keep your sigh ahead of others to foresee what life and circumstances have in store for you. Some of the chief qualities that will describe your personality are patience, determination and willingness. You are a highly dependable individual. You stay cool under pressures and this quality makes you a great leader. People come to you for moral support and guidance. You always prove your real worth through your performance which is consistent and the result of your hard work and persistent efforts. Therefore you make an excellent leader.

Capricorn Moon Sign Dislikes
You are emotionally stable and you always want to demonstrate a practical and realistic approach to life. You have goals that are attainable and not just fanciful. Your discipline, hardworking nature and ambitions set high standards for others to follow. You are highly connected to the physical world around you. You manifest your feelings and emotions more through your body than your mind and heart. During emotional troubles, you wish to work and focus more on the job at hand to stay diverted and occupied until you become normal. You hate expressing emotions. You cannot put up with impolite behaviour. You can never tolerate purposelessness. You strongly hate laziness and will never find it comfortable to work with people who are insincere and unproductive.

Capricorn Moon Sign Marriage
For the Capricorn natives, family is the first thing on the earth. Hey are the most reliable and loyal people their families can bank on. You can never tolerate superficial or vague relationships. You wish to be a methodical and systematic person and so want to get married and settle sooner than others. Most Capricorn natives do not spend time in the loving phase. Once they are convinced of the suitability of their partner, they wish to move the relationship towards marriage as quickly as possible and focus on developing the family. You will care about the family members too much and often you are found to do housework, make the daily diet and give as much care as possible to the family members in every way possible. The best zodiac sign for you to get married is Capricorn. The most unsuitable sign for marriage with a Capricorn native is Aries.

Capricorn Moon Sign Career
Capricorns have a serious approach towards their career. They are highly responsible towards their work. They are never seen whiling away time at the office. They stick to a given job and do not like to shift from job to job quite often. They are highly regular, disciplined and punctual at work. They work hard and accomplish great feats. At the same time, they are far from seeking recognition for their work. When they come to limelight, they feel nervous and restless. They silently work behind the scene contributing a lot to the growth of the organization. They wish to make a lot of money and pave way for a stable life that is secure and well structured. They are never aggressive and ruthless. While they persistently climb up the ladder of professional success, it happens rather gradually and systematically. They like to wear simple but neat dress. They do well in careers like banking, military, teaching, publishing, research, architecture and medicine.

Capricorn Moon Sign Money
Secured life and a stable career are the two eyes of a Capricorn native. They work very hard to earn enough money. Through the wealth they earned in the right way, they wish to secure their future as well as give enough backup for their generation. They never wish to make money through unfair means. They like to save make investments. They are more than willing to experiment with new avenues to invest. They prefer to invest in real estate over the other options in front of them. These are smart individuals who exercise a great care when it comes to spending. They never like to waste money on superficial things and decorations. These people do extend financial assistance; however, they do so more for the family and friends than to others.

Capricorn Moon Sign Health
It is very uncommon to see a Capricorn born obese. They are highly reasonable in all their dealings and this is true even with foods they take. They give a lot of importance to moderation in everything. When they feel a traumatic experience, they seek some outlet in indulgence. For giving vent to their suppressed emotions, they can become addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Some of the most common illnesses they suffer include depression, dehydration, constipation and weakness. They are likely to suffer from arthritis, rheumatism and joint pains. Avoid being melancholic and over-stressed. Kill stress through yoga, meditation and listening to music.
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