Cancer Moon Sign

Moon in cancer is in its best positions and that's what we call exalted. Though you are extremely emotional and sensitive, you are very caring, family oriented and helpful. On the flip side you could be clingy, possessive and prone to self pity. You try to avoid confrontations at all costs and are likely to retreat into your crabby shell and sulk. You hate being corrected. The effects of the waning and waxing moon can make you quite moody and unpredictable at times. When the moon is passing through cancer it suggests quality time with family and also to guard against depression.
Punarvasu last quarter, Pushya, Aslesha
Name starts with phonetic
He, Hoo, Hey, Ho, Daa, Dee, Doo, Day, Do
Cancer Moon Sign
Cancer is also called as Karkata or Karka rashi represented by the symbol crab. Cancer is the native house of Moon and hence Moon blesses the Cancer natives with good health, energy, strong will power, enthusiasm and courage. You will also be blessed with a sharp intelligence. Cancer natives are highly energetic and sympathetic individuals. Moon will bless them with riches in life. They always care to alleviate the sufferings of those in distress. You are selfish and strongly determined to fight evil in every possible way. This trait distinguishes you strongly from the other people. You will excel in fields like army, sports and games, judiciary and academics.

Moon in cancer – what it means to the natives
He Moon enjoys its royal position in the house of cancer. Hence the best word to describe the Moon’s position in this house is ‘solicitousness’. At the same time we must note that the Moon in this house is not as strong and purpose oriented as is the case with Leo, Aquarius or Taurus. Cancer natives will feel inhibited and will often escape into their own fanciful world of imagination. Moon makes them highly compassionate individuals who are kind and very much sympathetic to what others might feel. These people have an excellent memory and seem to be meditative and impressionable. They are fond of their homes and parents. They prefer a gentle, affectionate, peaceful and romantic life. Given an opportunity, they never fail to express their feelings and variety of emotions including joy, grief, fear and love. They are also interested in finding other people perceive the world they are in. They cannot tolerate being ignored or neglected. They are generous in giving, but nothing comes from them without a string attached.

Cancer Moon Sign Characteristics
You are at your most brilliant shine when it comes to helping and supporting others. You are in excellent mood when your hard work is appreciated and you are recognized by others. Yu wish to make a difference in the lives of other people and an opportunity to do so makes you feel rewarded. Your intuitive powers are amazing and you are often not that good in expressing your sentiments and feelings. It is necessary for you to come out of your closed shells and open up a bit to express yourself to make other people know what you feel and need. Most times cancer moon sign natives fluctuate between high levels of energy and withdrawals characterized by a moody nature. Cancer born women make the best spouses and mothers. Occasionally intrigues can be a part of your dealing with others. Many Cancer born individuals face delays in marriage. These are excellent artists, poets and musicians.

Cancer Moon sign Dislikes
Cancerians are nurturing souls. They are always moved by a strong sense of duty towards others, especially their families. Most times they are engrossed within themselves like a crab. They have an excellent capability to stay in touch with their feelings. They can also easily understand what other people feel and what will make them happy. They always need a secured and familiar domestic environment to feel at home. They hate superficiality and can compromise with things easily for the sake of satisfying others. They cannot tolerate agitation and arrogance and they have a strong sense of humour. When it comes to affection and love, none can do better than them. They are highly attached to people they care for. They strongly cling to their homes and possessions. They cannot tolerate getting hurt, rejection, isolation, unfamiliar environments, direct confrontation and domestic instability.

Cancer Moon Sign Marriage
You always seek the perfect partner in life and hence most of your life is wasted in waiting for the right person. Most Cancerians face delayed marriages. You will find it very difficult or nearly impossible to have fun in the ordinary life around you. In several cases, they have chances to remain singles. When married, they will take care of their families in the best possible manner. They devote enough time for their families and it is very common to find their children getting spoiled due to their over possessive nature. In majority cases, the children of the cancer born cannot be self-reliant. You will find your dream lover in a Pisces individual. Scorpios are the best people for you to get married. You will never be compatible with an Aries born.

Cancer Moon Sign Career
You will perform excellently well in trading, buying and in environments where huge amounts of cash is involved. You love beautiful homes and excellent spaces to work. You will flourish in real estate industry, interior decorations and designing. Yu will hate to work with those jobs that will need a lot of travels. In fact, you can never tolerate moving away from your family frequently. You will find comfortable with secure and high paying jobs in the sectors of banking, engineering, accounting and others. You highly love foods and delicious cuisines. You will feel happy in the job roles of chefs, hotel managers and assignments related to the catering industry. You will always love those fields that involve some amount of social work. Pet care and child welfare are fields you will always love.

Cancer Moon sign Money
You tend to get serious with issues related to money. In the career front you are hardworking and strive hard to make money in all possible ways. Though you love a lot of fun in your personal life, you will never approach your career and finances in a casual way. You approach money matters in an intelligent way. A life of stability and security is your prime expectation from life. Often it is not uncommon to find them have a lot of money in saving without the notice of others. In many cases, we find the cancer natives act in a stingy manner to save money for future. The prime areas where the Cancerians spend money are food and travelling. They wish to explore the domains of new cuisines. Holidaying is their cup of tea. They are prepared to spare their money for their family and friends but find it a bit difficult to extend financial help to strangers. These people are very careful with money transactions and debts.

Cancer Moon Sign Health
Overeating, nervousness and giving away to drinking habits are common with Cancerians. They either eat too much or starve themselves. Their weakest area is chest and heartburns are very common in them. Laughter is their best medicine. Water retention based on the cycles of Moon is their biggest health problem. Walk in moonlight and spend time around waters to stay healthy. Take potassium rich diet and check your emotional health all the time to remain strong and happy.
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