Know your Ascendant
In vedic astrology the sign rising over the horizon at the time of your birth is called the Ascendant, Lagna or Rising Sign. The rising sign governs your personality, disposition and physical attributes, notably your appearance and general outlook. The sign and condition of the ascendant also affects your strength, vitality, health issues and the types of illnesses you may experience. Its influence is powerful, but may be modified by any planets rising and the condition of the ruling planet. The placement of the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and how they aspect the ascendant also affect the appearance.
Native born under this ascendant are tall with full stature. They have big teeth. They have strong physic. They are handsome and fair complexion.
Nature of the native
They are reserved in nature, slow in understanding things but intelligent. They act carefully. They are unselfish. They are friendly and inventive. They have a broad outlook in every field.
Positive Traits
Friendly, Independent and Original.
Negative Traits
Detached and Contrary.
Clever and Inventive.
Aloof and Unemotional.
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