Shruti Dwivedi

Shruti Dwivedi

Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Expert
Equipped with expertise and a career spanning decades, Shruti Dwivedi is a world renowned clairvoyant who is a psychic, a medium, tarot reader, face reader, astrologer, energy healer, numerologist, Wiccan practioner and a past life regression therapist. She dons many hats and has over the years, shaped many lives successfully. She believes she is guided through a divine force and has been blessed with different healing modalities. 

Over the years, she has been featured on many Indian Television programs and has had 100% accuracy in predictions. She had predicted about the terrorist attacks in 2016 before February in the famous program Upar Wala Dekh Raha Hai. She had also predicted about the earthquakes in the same program. In a programmed aired 24 on November 8th, 2015, she was the only one who predicted RJD and BJP Alliance. She also predicted the Paris attacks in 2015. 

As an energy healer who channelizes the free flowing universal energy into desired results for various physical, financial, emotional, spiritual and worldly well-beings, she is blessed to transform lives of many people in all emotional, financial, physical, professional and spiritual aspects.

The journey of her accepting this as a path has been a universal design and her purpose of life has been redefined. She is intuitively guided by the universe and is prolific in understanding, comprehending and utilizing universal signs. Not only is she a witness to miracles but has created a miraculous journey for many!
The realization of one's own potential happened when thoughts started realizing as miracles and she could foresee each minute.

She believes in recreating and healing not only this life but also all the lives and lives between lives people have witnessed. From creating positive Karmic Energy to raising your vibrations, she does it all.

As a part of her contribution to the planet, she renders her free service to heal cancer patients which has been very effective. Client confidentiality is always maintained.

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