Shalini Malhotra

Shalini Malhotra

Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Palmistry Expert
Astrologer Shalini Malhotra is a B.Com graduate from Delhi University. She hails from Delhi and is awarded with first class diploma in Jyotish Praveen and Jyotish Visharad from ICAS. She is also the member of research tem in ICAS. 

She has been working on various occult sciences, which includes Horoscope reading, predictions through Panchang, Vedic Astrology, Vedic and Scientific Vastu, Medical Astrology, Muhurat Horary Astrology, Remedial Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Switchwords and Aura scanning. Astrologer Shalini Malhotra is also a grandmaster in Reiki Healing, a relationship counsellor and has been practicing Sahajayoga Meditation for years.

The spiritual journey of astrologer Shalini Malhotra began in her childhood. Since then, she has been serving mankind by providing professional Astrological guidance to help people overcome challenging situations. She has been teaching and counselling Astro divine Reiki healing. She has spent a lot of time in thorough study and research work. Now, she is researching on the past life. She has been part of many astrological camps, workshops and astrological seminars. 

To help people, she give predictions about various aspects of a human life which include business, education, health, partnership, match making, progeny, career, marriage related problems and more, to her huge national and international clientele. Along with predictions, she also provides simple remedies and solutions to her clients.
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