Saurabh Katial

Saurabh Katial

Astrology Expert
An astrologer par excellence and a master of occult science, Saurabh Katial is a renowned Vedic scholar who practices Parashari and Jaimini system of astrology. It is his aim to help his clients with right solutions, mantras and remedies. 

Saurabh Katial was deeply influenced by his mentor Marc Boney, an internationally renowned astrology guru, teacher, writer and consultant who was trained in Vedic Jyotish Vidya under Shri K N Rao. 

Using a unique, composite approach to Parashari and Jaimini astrology, Saurabh Katial is able to pinpoint very precise events in an individual’s life span. He has been an active researcher in his field, namely career, children, wealth, marriage etc. 

Jyotish Vidya is the study of planets, stars and also horizons, constellations. Jyoti is the term used for light, a light that shines from the heavens and from the divine, forming the principles of life. Saurabh Katial believes that astrology holds the key not only for the future but also to improve one’s karmas. With this thought, he wishes to use his knowledge to help and guide others. 

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