Santosh Kumar Sharma

Santosh Kumar Sharma

Astrology Expert

  • He is the founder of White Lotus Spirituality in Bangalore, India
  • Santosh Sharmaa is the author of World's first astrological (Vedic Jyotish) book, which is based on scientific evaluation, and validation. The book JYOTISH is all about the mystic meta-physcial science of self, space and time.

Education and Qualification:

  • Santosh Sharmaa is a retired wing commander and third generation astrologer. 
  • He is Brahmin astrologer, and is a descendant of Rishi Vashistha, the guru of Lord Rama.
  • His interpretations are based on scientific analysis, pragmatism, and logic. With practical experiences spanning over decades, he claims 90% accuracy in analysing charts. 
  • He specializes in giving solutions by usage of catalysts like rudraksha and natural gemstones. His client base is very vast and covers almost the whole world.

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